Soul Gastrolounge

Soul Gastrolounge

Phone(704) 348-1848
1500-B Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC
NotesDefinitely get reservations!
LocationCharlotte, North Carolina, Plaza Midwood

My roommate from graduate school, Danielle, was in town this weekend so I rounded up a bunch of friends and we all went out to one of our very favorite restaurants, Soul Gastrolounge.

Soul doesn’t take reservations so we arrived, knowing we would be waiting on a table for eight for a while.

If you’re a Charlottean and you’ve ever wondered about Soul, get ready.  You’re about to see almost the entire menu.  We don’t mess around at a tapas restaurant.

We sipped on drinks around the bar while we waited, talked about everything under the sun, and finally started ordering appetizers to nibble on to ease our grumbling bellies.

White bean & goat cheese dip with pita

Serrano and manchego on toast (one of my favorites)

boursin cheese stuffed piquillo peppers on bruscetta

This was my first time trying this and it was incredible.  Incredible.

Finally, it was time to sit and get started on the meal.  Of course, I took this break in nibbling to take photos of my dinner companions.

Brittney and Thomas

Erin and Josh

Josie and Danielle (my ol’ roomie)

Brad and I

I often drink white wine in summer, but it was just chilly enough in Soul to enjoy red, which is my actual favorite.  This is a Malbec.  I also tried the Super Tuscan while we waited for the table.

Now enough of that.  Bring on the food!

Spider Roll – tempura soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado and capelin roe

Wild Mushrooms on Toast – topped with fried egg and dijon-olive oil drizzle

Tuna Sashimi Tacos – Bragg’s marinated diced tuna in fried wonton tacos, with sriracha mayo

Everyone I know agrees, this is the best thing on their menu.


Soul Grilled Cheese – mozzarella, provolone & kasseri chesses, panini grille

Ham Plate – prosciutto, Serrano, Virginia ham, cornichons, capers, EVO, toasts

edible decoration from the Sashimi Plate

It had ceviche shrimp, octopus, and fried shrimp heads.

And last, but not least…

Rocky Mountain Oysters – deep fried veal fries, with spicy ranch

Thee were a few other things that my camera did not catch: a veggie sushi roll and a cheese plate. Dessert was also ordered, which included an orange cupcake, pistachio ice cream, and goat cheese ice cream.  I didn’t have a bite. But I did have a bite of everything pictured here and maybe even two bites of the sashimi taco and the cheese plate.

Everything was absolutely delicious as always and I left not filling stuffed, which was a great feeling.  The best part was getting some of our good friends together to enjoy such a lovely meal.  I had a wonderful time, especially catching up with Danielle, who I do not see enough.

I hope you had a lovely weekend! 🙂

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14 Responses to Soul Gastrolounge

  1. Everything looks delicious especially the sashimi tacos and the mushrooms and eggs. Yum! I love grazing over small plates and being able to try a little of everything.

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  3. Oh man, Soul has been on my list for quite some time now.. The food looks amazing. I need to get there asap.

  4. Danielle

    It was so great to catch up with you guys!! Thanks for organizing the dinner, everything was SO delicious. I might have to start making more frequent trips to Charlotte 😉

  5. So glad I finally got to try Soul! Thanks for having me 🙂 I had a blast!

  6. Erin

    Great food, great company! Thanks for the invite!

  7. Jen

    I have been wanting to try Soul for awhile! And now I’m craving grilled cheese. Thanks 🙂

  8. Jen

    You are so brave to try the Rocky Mountain Oysters! I don’t know that I could have gone there! Looks like y’all had a great time. I have been to Soul once and, while I wouldn’t put it in the Top 5, their concept is really neat. The fun location and the tall-backed booths don’t hurt either 🙂

    • Honestly, I didn’t really know what they were until after I ate them. The menu isn’t very descriptive. I pretty much stuck my fingers in my ears and yelled “lalalalala” when someone tried to tell me. 😉

  9. Bryanna

    I love this place!!!! But I live 4 hours away :/! If you find a recipe for the pork belly tacos just like theirs I would love you forever!!

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