How is Rascal you ask?  As rascally as ever…

Some throw-back pictures when I first brought the little guy home…

Rascal enjoys the good life.

The happy family.

Begging for attention while I sat at my desk doing work for grad school.

On moving day (Raleigh to Charlotte)

Rascal always plants himself beside my suitcase to make sure he isn’t left behind.  He’s such a show off!

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  1. The puppy and beach pictures are killin me! So precious.

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  3. oh my goshhhh. the baby pictures!

  4. Rascal's Mawmaw

    He’s so adorable!! I miss him already- he was ssssooooo good while you were gone!

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  6. oh SO cute!

    Basil can sit up, but not for long… the dachshund I grew up with would sit up like Rascal is, and be able to sit for a long time! 🙂 It was so cute…

    The puppy photos are SO CUTE – and he is VERY handsome now!

  7. Aw! I have a mini dacshund—she’s chocolate and tan! Adorable. Milla can’t stand like that either!

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  9. My kitty’s name is Rascal! She’s a tortoise and sooo cute! Great name!

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog while I was googling how to make my own cheese plate 🙂 I love your blog and all of the yummy recipes you’ve posted that I can’t wait to try! Once I saw you had a dachshund, I had to leave a comment. I have two and I’m pretty much obsessed with them, they’re the greatest. My little boy does the sit up trick too, I have no idea where he learned it though lol.

    • Thanks! They are the best little dogs. Lucky you that he learned it all by himself (he probably does it when he’s begging for food, right?). We had to teach the trick to Rascal, like we had to teach him all of his tricks. But he’s a quick learner so it wasn’t too difficult. We want to get another one after we move into our house. Mine is too spoiled. I can’t imagine who spoiled him. 😉

      • Oh yes mine are so so spoiled too! Now that you mention it Howie does only do that trick for food, any time food is around he just automatically trots over and sits up. I definitely recommend getting another one if you get the chance. I got the boy about 2 years after I got the girl to keep her company while I’m gone at work and they absolutely love each other. They’re connected at the hip at all times 🙂

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  12. Awwwwwwwwwwww Rascal’s baby pictures are KILLING me over here! He is so cute!

  13. Jennifer @ nodieting.blogspot.com

    Oh my goodnes…Rascal looks exactly like my dog “Oscar Mayer Olive”!!! I LOVE the puppy pictures, too. I just found your blog and it is a new favorite (even more so now that I know we have the same sweet dog!) I look forward to reading your posts! Beautiful design work on your blog as well. It’s beautiful!

    • Thank you so much and what a precious name for a doxie!

      • Jennifer @ nodieting.blogspot.com

        Thanks! My last name is Olive (guess I should have told you that first). Oscar Mayer Olive makes more sense knowing that. Rascal is precious and does a lot of the same things as Oscar does 🙂

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