Elliott at 4 Months

Elliott at 4 months


Elliott has changed so much between months three and four.  His little personality is starting to shine through and he’s definitely starting to look a lot more like me.



He rolled over for the first time about a week ago and I captured it on my iPhone before he started yelling because he wanted to be flipped back over. My kid hates tummy time, which makes me curious why he would want to roll over in the first place.  But I’m so glad he did and I was paying attention so I could see it for myself.


This past month, Elliott went from a smiley baby to one who giggles a lot.  He loved it when Brad or I would say “Ho ho ho” with a deep voice.  He also loves it when we say “Boo!” and when I trace a heart around his face and say “I love you.” He’s one happy baby, most of the time.

Elliott with Santa

Elliott did really well when I took him to see Santa for the first time.  I have a feeling next year will be a little more difficult when he’s more cognizant of new people holding him, but this time was easy peasy.


Elliott loves to sit up, but in the past few days, he’s decided that he loves to stand up. I attribute his new love of being vertical to plenty of time in his jumperoo. His leg muscles have gotten really strong and quickly.


We finally took Elliott to church for the first time. We go to a 9:30 am service and it tended to fall during his nap time, so it was hard for me to deny him that nap.  But since he hasn’t been sleeping well anyway, we took him last week. He loved the singing but got a little fussy during the preaching portion.  Thank goodness our church has a special room with closed circuit television so we can hang out and watch the service where a fussy baby won’t disturb anyone.


Speaking of which, Elliott went about two weeks without a decent morning nap this month. Call it the four month sleep regression or what have you, but save from driving him around, I could not coax him into taking a nap for the life of me. This usually meant a lot of fussiness later in the day.

I’m hoping we’re over this hurdle, since he has taken morning naps for the past two days.


I may be biased, but Elliott is the sweetest cutest little guy I know.  He melts my heart every day and I just want to yell, “Slow down! You’re growing too fast!”.  As much as I am so proud and excited as he masters new tasks, a very selfish small part of me wants him to stay my little baby forever.

Baby at 4 months