My Pregnancy: 17 Weeks


If you’re wondering what happened to weeks 15 & 16, well so am I.  It went by so fast and I’ve been so busy I completely forgot to record them.  And just when my belly finally started to really grow!

Week 17 has been great! No real symptoms to talk about except my growing belly.  I feel like I’m really starting to look pregnant now.  I actually thought that several weeks ago, but now I know that was just wishful thinking. Although there are still a few things in my closet that completely cover up my bump, those things are very few and far between nowadays.

My cravings are still very simplistic.  I’m back to eating salads, but they look really different than what I was eating pre-pregnancy.  I don’t want a salad piled high with tons of vegetables.  What I want is some romaine, with some protein like chicken, turkey bacon, or a boiled egg, plenty of sharp cheddar cheese, and my “homemade” ranch dressing (i.e. Greek yogurt + Hidden Valley ranch packet + a little water).  I could also really go for a wedge salad, heavy on the blue cheese and bacon.

Other than that, I want tuna sandwiches, which have been a longtime favorite of mine since I was a little girl.  And I’m always down for some pizza, but when is that not the case?

Fun Stuff:
My friends are starting to notice that I’m showing now too.  Well, at least my friends who are consciously looking for a bump.  Who can say if anyone else really notices?  I personally am terrified to ask people if they’re pregnant until they’re practically going in labor in front of me.  So other people could notice, but they’re just too polite to say anything.

I can’t believe I’m finally finding out if I’m having a boy or a girl in just a few days. The suspense is killing me! (I found out here.)