Photos I’ve Never Shown you and a Giveaway

Sometimes, it’s fun to go through my camera and find the photos that I never showed here on the blog for one reason or another and reminisce.

Here are a few I found recently.


 Chocolate protein muffins. Looks delicious.  Tastes like chalk.

These were deposited directly into the trash after the first bite.


This was an untouched photo from my 29th birthday.  I have yet to figure out how to properly take a photo in dim lighting.  So, I do my best and then use Picmonkey to fix the coloring.


Remember that time I cooked a whole fish for dinner?  No?  Of course you don’t.  Because I didn’t share it here.

Brad and I literally shared this fish by sitting side-by-side and digging in with two forks.  It was okay.  Edible, but could have used a lot more spices and salt.


Here is a great photo of three friends and I (Sarah, Brittney, and Josie) at Sarah’s bridal shower last summer.


My very favorite thing to order at Cowfish.

I’m usually not a sucker for fried food, but these coconut battered onion rings are simply amazing.  I don’t even drench them in ketchup when I eat them.


 One of the most interesting (and annoying) things about our house in its original state, before we renovated the kitchen and knocked down two walls — It had a side door that someone had put cabinets over in the kitchen.  However, the door was still there when we bought it, which was somewhat confusing for guests.  When Brittney came over to see it for the first time, she knocked on that very door for quite a while before I realized anyone she was there.



This good-looking couple is my grandparent-in-laws (Brad’s grandparents) celebrating their 50th anniversary last year.


And here’s Brad and I at their anniversary party. Brad had a beard and I loved it!


Here’s a photo of meatloaf made in little loaf pans and drizzled with ketchup. I clearly remember deciding not to post the recipe because I measured nothing when I made this meatloaf and couldn’t tell you what I put in it.


Here is a photo of our “moving party”.  Technically, Brad and I had moved everything but the heavy stuff to the new house.  We sent out an email asking for help with the heavier things and all of these wonderful people showed up.

In reality, the girls stayed at the house drinking beer until the guys showed up, where we then proceeded to point and tell them where to set things.  We were super helpful.

I did however make dinner, although I couldn’t tell you what. I’m guessing by all the bowls that it was some kind of soup or stew.

And that was the day we figured out that you can seat 10 people at our small kitchen table.


Rascal is the best pre-rinse cycle in the world.

Before you get all grossed out about cleanliness, he is ONLY allowed to do this when I wash dishes in the dishwasher where I always use the heavy duty cleaning cycle that takes three hours.

He was very sad and confused that month and a half when our dishwasher didn’t work. Poor thing.


And something you might not know about me — I hate getting my photo taken, unless I’m in a group.

AND, I am really bad about shutting my eyes when someone is taking my photo. It’s just as annoying for me as it is for them, I assure you.


And here’s a photo you I have shown you recently.  It’s the Under Armour Divide Fleece Hoody that I swooned about yesterday.

Want to win one for yourself?  Here’s what you do!

To win, simply leave me a comment telling me when/where you would wear this hoody if you won it.

Easy, right?

I’ll announce the winner Thursday evening.  The giveaway closes on Thursday, January 10, at 6 pm.

Good luck!

68 Responses to Photos I’ve Never Shown you and a Giveaway

  1. Meredith

    I love the photo dump, its like a movie with outtakes.

    I would wear this hoodie to class, running errands, running, or taking the dog on a walk. Pretty sure I would wear it everywhere but work. I tend stay chilly most of the winter, so there’s a good change I would lounge around in too.

  2. Tracey c

    I would probably wear it to and from yoga and on spring day adventures to the park with my son.

  3. Emily

    I love the hoodie! I’d wear it chasing around Parker 😉

  4. Anna

    Grocery shopping, like a boss.

  5. Laura

    I love it! It’s perfect for walks around the neighborhood with our pup!

  6. Kat Szvoren Fowler

    I’d wear the hoodie around town so people would think I was just coming from the gym!

  7. That is so bizarre about the door in the kitchen.

    I think the better question is where would I NOT wear the hoodie? Formal weddings, that’s where. Everywhere else is fair game, I say!

  8. Ali

    Love that hoodie so much! Now that I work for myself, I would wear that to meetings with my coaching clients AND teaching my classes at the gym! Great giveaway- thanks!

  9. Laura

    Love it! It’s perfect for walks in the neighborhood with my pup!

  10. Lee

    I’d probably just wear it to the grocery store and while running errands and stuff on weekends.

  11. Amber

    I’d wear it to run errands on weekends, and hopefully to run as I train for my first 5k by the end of this summer.

  12. Josie kendall

    Love these pics..Great memory’s with great people!

  13. You’re so brave to cook that entire fish! I am completely intimidated by cooking any fish at all.

    What a great hoodie. I would wear that hoodie so many places! It would be perfect to wear to Zumba, it’s pretty cold in there until you start dancing. I think it would make a great running layer in the spring when I stop being a baby about the cold weather and get my butt back outside. I would mostly wear it lounging around the house though.

  14. Ashley

    I’d wear this to and from the gym since its so cold! Also lounging around and taking my dog on a walk! Basically-anywhere 🙂

  15. I would wear that hoodie all the way to Cowfish to eat some of those amazing onion rings. They are my favorite there too!

  16. I’d wear this hoodie all weekend, every weekend to replace the current hoodie I wear everywhere, which my boyfriend has declared my “goin out shirt” 🙂

  17. Sara

    The hoodie looks so comfy! Perfect weekend-wear for walking the dog, or just being lazy ;-).

  18. Kristin Cowhey

    I love this post and all the out takes! My new years resolution is to get more active! Today was day #7 (yes I took Jan 1st off) to run 1 mile with my dog Bo AND cdo Jillian Michael’s Day Shred video. So far, It feels awesome- I only hope I can keep it up! I would wear this hoodie during my 1 mile run with Bo.

  19. Cindi

    Love the pictures! Love the purple hoodie – I’d pretty much wear it everywhere!

  20. Melissa

    I Would Probably wear this Everywhere, All The time! So Nice!

  21. Courtney

    Love your “dishwasher” 🙂

    That hoodie is awesome! Loving the purple. I would wear it on my walks to Earth Fare the nights I’m too lazy to prepare dinner and want to pick up a quick meal without sitting in the fun Charlotte traffic! One of the best parts about my apartment location!

  22. Lauren S

    I’m pregnant but after I have our son I would wear this around the house and to run errands. Is running errands possible with a baby ?!!

  23. Veronica's

    I would rock this hoodie anywhere! Casual weekend with jeans, or a looking oh-so-fine entering the gym 🙂

  24. Amy

    probaby everywhere! (I have a bad tendency not to dress up unless mandated) You know it’s a bad sign when the produce guy at the grocery store tells you that he he “likes what you did to your hair” um, washed it?

  25. I would wear that hoodie all the time! I live in sweats in the winter, it’s so cold!

  26. Lauren E.

    What a great giveaway! After reading your review, I’m certain I’d wear this hoody EVERYWHERE! I recently completed my first half-marathon, and have since been exchanging a few of my training runs with brisk walks. What an ideal top for winter and spring strollin’! Thanks Kelly!

  27. I’d wear it carting kiddies to school and early mornings making pickles at the pickle parlor!

  28. I love the colors in this hoodie! I’d wear it to the gym. Fashionable while working out, a win win!

  29. Well. I would wear it all the time!!!

  30. Whitney

    I’d wear it while walking my black lab and when taking her to the park to play fetch.

  31. I would wear the hoodie to the gym, out jogging, and just on a lazy Sunday watching food shows and sports.

  32. Emily

    Love this! I would wear it for walks and to/from my spin class!

  33. Nicole W.

    I would wear this on walks with my dog or to the gym for crossfit class.

  34. Kerry

    I’d wear it to the gym on cold mornings! And on errands too 🙂

  35. rachel

    I’d wear that hoodie right now! I’m cold 🙂

  36. Haha, I love bloopers! They’re like a real look into the blogger [or movie, or show] 😛

    I’d love to wear that hoodie out on my runs- I’ve been freezing my bum off lately because I’m training and refuse to do long runs on the treadmill!

  37. Lauren

    I would wear it to Pilates! Our studio is very chilly in the winter time.

  38. Ann R

    Looks like the perfect thing to wear when walking the baby out around the neighborhood! New year, more exercise! Love your blog!!

  39. amanda wilkins

    I would wear this while walking with the neighbors. We started walking cause him and his wife have health issues and their doc wants them to lose weight. I need to as well so i figured i would give them encouragement. Ty for the opp god bless

  40. LOVE that hoody! I’d wear it to the gym in the mornings to stay warm. 🙂

  41. I’d wear it outside when I walk my two dogs. It’s the perfect weight for Southern California winters and I love that I can stick my phone in the pocket!

  42. Sarah T

    I would wear it walking my mini doxie and while training for my second 5K in freezing Feb!

  43. I live in the WNC mountains so I would wear it for my outside runs while training for the Biltmore 5k!

  44. Cute. I would wear that fleece first thing in the am for carpool. And then probably keep it on all day. 🙂

  45. Erin

    Look so cozy! I would wear it to run errands with and could especially come in handy with hood when its chilly! Looks perfect to wear for an afternoon watching movies or even a run!

  46. This would be perfect to wear to/from yoga class during these (semi) cold winter day!

  47. Sarah

    I love these photos Kelly! Thanks for sharing. The chocolate muffins do look good — too bad they didn’t taste so good 🙁

    The sweatshirt would be perfect to wear on a weekend walk with a friend in this chilly winter weather! I love hoodies with pockets too, as the pocket will hold my phone, keys, and keep my hands warm too.

  48. Christina Black

    I would wear this hoodie playing with the kids at the park, going on walks in our neighborhood, quick grocery store runs, and “relaxing” at home with the kids. I would also wear it to the gym, assuming I will be able to join this year. 🙂

    I love the random pictures, by the way!

  49. Sandy Wuorenmaa

    I would wear this hoodie mostly in the spring and fall, when I go for walks/runs/bike rides! Or anywhere, for that matter!

  50. Amanda

    Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!! I would wear the hoody for runs outside or to the gym since I am always cold.

  51. Eva

    I’d wear it while running errands, to the gym and around the house.

  52. Emma

    I would wear this hoodie everywhere.

  53. Pat

    This hoodie is super cute – I love the purple color, I woul wear it on long runs

  54. Jordan D

    I love that hoodie! It would be great weekend wear, especially for me to throw on before yoga class on Saturday mornings and to run errands. It’s cute and looks really comfy!

  55. That hoodie would be perfect to keep me warm as I head to the YMCA to swim in the mornings.

    Creative post with the random assortment of photos!

  56. ashley

    I would wear it for running errands and around the house!

  57. yuli

    Love the hoodie colors, purple is my fav 🙂 would definitely wear it out on errands or to the gym on these cold mornings we’re having.

  58. When I go jogging.. or, more realistically, I’d wear it lounging it around the house 😉

  59. Haha, I love the pictures! That one of us at Sarah’s shower is great- I have a similar one! I doubt I can fit into the hoodie right now, but if I win it, I’ll wear it when I take our baby girl for walks 🙂

  60. Kim r

    Love it! I would wear this everywhere! Especially since it has been a pretty mild winter here 😉

  61. Laura

    This hoodie would be perfect for the long walks I like to take during the winter. I don’t love the cold – but I still love to be outside.

  62. Anne W.

    I would wear this as a layer when running or cross-country skiing.

  63. Meredith Montgomery

    Your Pre- rince photo is amazing. If I was lucky enough to win, I would wear this on my upcoming vacation – we are camping and I need a warm snugly hoodie!

  64. I love all the cute photos!

    I’d wear this while lounging at home and probably everywhere else 🙂

  65. Carolsue

    I have started taking long walks almost everyday and the weather here is cool enough now to need a hoodie just like this! That’s where I would wear it.

  66. Carolsue

    Oops. Too late.

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