Kelly and the giant peach

This morning I got up at an ungodly hour to get in some major sweating.  I have plans this evening, so I took the necessary steps to get my workout in early…super early in this case.

I was a sweaty mess and loving it afterwords.  Sometimes exercise feels good but sometimes it only feels good when you stop.  The latter was true in this case.

I’ve been doing No More Trouble Zones about twice a week now for several weeks and the 30 day shred consistently for about 45 days.  Things definitely get easier the more you do them, like push-ups.  However, side plank raises are just as difficult as the first time I ever did them each and every time.  Are they ever going to get easier?

I was pretty famished after my workout and running late.  Thank goodness I made Sunflower Seed Coconut Bars yesterday because they made “making breakfast” effortless.

I had one of the bars (plus about 1/2 of an inch more that I cut off and ate while this was heating up in the microwave), smeared with about 1 tsp. each of sunflower seed butter and blueberry jam.  On the side I had a massive peach.  To give you an idea of the size, it is sitting on a salad plate.  When I bought it at the grocery store a couple of nights ago, the cashier said it was the largest peach he had ever seen.

I hope this peach is just “big-boned” and not hocked up on plant-growing chemicals.  That’ s what I get for shopping at Harris Teeter where organic produce requires a credit check and a second mortgage.