Brad’s Spicy Pimento Cheese

If you know my Brad, then you know he absolutely loves pimento cheese.

Remember this post? haha.

We laugh and say that he’s a pimento cheese connoisseur, but I’m not completely joking when I make this statement.  He knows his pimento cheese.  And goodness knows he has sampled them enough (and I have too) to know what makes a good pimento cheese.  We love his dad’s recipe, and also recently learned that my mom makes a mean pimento cheese too.

But one of Brad’s favorites, surprisingly enough, comes from a French bakery called Amelie’s here in Charlotte.  We sampled some several months ago and ended up leaving with a 4 oz. container.  Their pimento cheese has a smoky spiciness that is very different than most pimento cheese.  It’s definitely one of our favorites and the inspiration for Brad’s own pimento cheese recipe.

He did it.  He finally made his own.

Pimento Cheese

And it’s pretty fantastic.

Pimento Cheese in Mason Jar

It combines what we love about Amelie’s pimento cheese, but also incorporates some aspect of my father-in-law’s recipe as well. Most importantly, it’s not drowning in mayo. It has just enough to make it spreadable.

Too much mayonnaise is my #1 pimento cheese pet peeve.

Brad’s results are absolutely fantastic and so very yummy.

Here’s all you need for spicy pimento cheese success.

Steps to Make Pimento Cheese, Ingredients, Shred Cheese, Chop Chiles, Mix

Easy enough, right?

Brad's Spicy Pimento Cheese
16 oz. sharp cheddar cheese (2 cups)
8 oz. pepper jack cheese (1 cup)
1/4 cup jarred pimentos
3 oz. chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (a little less than 1/3 cup)*
1/2 cup mayonnaise (we used Duke's mayo)
cracked black pepper and garlic powder to taste

Shred cheese (Brad used our attachment for our stand mixer, but a grater will work as well). Chop chiles finely. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well (we used our stand mixer, but you can also mix by hand). Store in a tightly sealed container.

*If you're gluten-free, check the label. Some chiles in adobo are GF, while some are not.

Oh man, this stuff is good.  And according to Brad, you can put it on anything!

But if you’re having trouble breaking out of the typical pimento cheese sandwich box, here are some thing I’ve done with pimento cheese in the past.

And then there’s the AMAZING sandwich I had post marathon which was pimento cheese, thick-cut bacon, and onion confit.  I’m pretty sure you should recreate that right now.

Any other pimento cheese fans out there? 


15 Responses to Brad’s Spicy Pimento Cheese

  1. Oh my goodness yes. Chiles in adobo sauce = on the grocery list as of right now. Ya’ll should try pimento cheese in an omelet, that’s some good stuff there.

  2. Kids at school used to make fun of me because I always brought pimento cheese instead of pbj! Us crazy southern girls love our pimento cheese! 🙂

  3. Pimento cheese mac and cheese style sounds tasty! Also bet it would be good for quesadillas or nachos 😀

  4. I love Pimento Cheese! I might need to try Brad’s recipe. I also need to try it from Amelie’s. I haven’t had their’s!

    Also, it was so nice meeting you at the book club get together yesterday! I hope to see you at another meet up soon 🙂

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  6. Emily

    I had some of the leftovers after the boys bacon-bourbon party and it was delicious!!!

  7. Ben

    Justin and I punished what y’all left at Wally’s 🙂

    • I took the what was leftover from the baby shower and mixed it with macaroni noodles and it was amazing! You don’t even have to add milk if the noodles are hot because the mayo makes it creamy.

  8. Wow, I adore pimento cheese and spicy spicy foods and love the idea of the chipotles in adobo in the mix here! Definitely need to try this soon.

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