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Exciting news for bloggers and businesses who want to be noticed by my readers!

I’m now hosting sponsors on the right sidebar of my blog. 

You see that blank space under Newest Posts?  Your blog or business can be highlighted there for only $10 a month.

How it works: 

  • Currently, I’m only accepting 15 ads at a time with space for 15 ads on my page.  This means that your ad will always show up on my page and any other page on which my readers click. (Some blogs cycle through lots of ads so your ad won’t appear 100% of the time.)
  • Ads will be shuffled every time a reader clicks so that all ads gets equal exposure via their placement on the sidebar.
  • All ads are placed through Passion Fruit, which is a secure site that uses Paypal. In other words, I’ll never see your Paypal or credit card information.
  • Ads last for 30 days starting the same day your payment goes through, unless there is a wait for ad space and then Passion Fruit will let you know what day your ad will begin.
  • I observe the right to deny ads — in other words, if a business that sells something out of line with my personal beliefs (like diet pills) were to purchase an ad, they would be denied and their money would be refunded.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to email me at kelly@foodiefresh.com!

Click here to purchase an ad!