My Pregnancy: 14 Weeks

This was a post I wrote when I was 14 weeks pregnant, but I’m publishing it further along in my pregnancy…


14 Weeks Pregnant

Not much to report this week so I’ll make it short and sweet.


Symptoms? What symptoms? My nausea is gone! It has been gone for a while, but I’ve been afraid to say it because every time I’ve said it in real life, it has came back the very next morning. “I’ll show you mama!” says Baby D.

The only other thing I have to mention is that sometimes I get this shooting pain in my lower abdomen, usually on the right side, but not always.  Typically the pain comes on when I’m sitting and then I sneeze.   Sometimes it happens when I’m lying down and sneeze.  Sometimes it happens when I’m lying and I sit up quickly.  It’s never consistent.

I didn’t freak out about it and just chalked it up to a symptom of pregnancy.  I’m a new member of a mommies group here in Charlotte and one of the best things about the group is that we ask questions, ask for recommendations, and post general baby stuff on our Facebook group wall.  I asked everyone about the shooting pain and most of them said they had the same thing.  So I’m not worried about it.  And it’s so inconsistent that it’s not all that bothersome.

Carbs continue to be the flavor of the week.  I’m loving bagels and cream cheese.  I even bought some smoked salmon at the store and heated it up in the oven so I wouldn’t feel bad about eating it. I could eat a bagel every morning.

My sweet tooth isn’t what it used to be.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still like sweets.  But I don’t feel a compulsion to eat them right now.  We have sweets in the house (girl scout cookies, ice cream, and dark chocolate), which is usually tempting to me after dinner.  If I eat sweets right now, it’s usually in the afternoon because I don’t want it in the evenings.

The Bump:
The existence of the bump is still questionable.  I can tell it’s there when I stand in front of the mirror without clothes.  If I wear a more form fitting shirt, you can kind of see it.  But it’s definitely not obvious.  I just feel rounder and like I look like I really over-ate the night before.

I got a little of a shock the other day when I searched on Pinterest of images of women at 14 weeks.  Apparently most people are showing much more than me (at least the ones on Pinterest) at this point.  This seems strange to me since my torso is so short.  I just know that as soon as I do begin to show, I’m going to be torpedo shaped.  The baby doesn’t have much room to grow up or down so the only place to go is out.

Fun Stuff:
I ran for the first time my whole pregnancy this week.  I’m not counting when Rascal and I run a couple of blocks and then have to stop because he gets tired.  I ran a 5K that was in Huntersville (just north of Charlotte).  I did walk up most of the hills, but ended up with a time of a little over 33 minutes.  Not too bad!

Now the question is whether I’m going to make running a regular thing, since I know I can do it and all. We’ll see…