My Pregnancy: 9 Weeks

This is a post I wrote about my pregnancy when I was 9 weeks pregnant before I had announced it here. 



10 Weeks Pregnant

Week 9 was great…well, except for that one day that my head hurt most of the day and the nausea just wouldn’t go away. Usually, I’ll just eat something when the nausea starts to come on and it subsides.  Not that day.  No sir.

Lucky for me, I was able to rest most of the day. My schedule is flexible right now because I’m still working my old full time job part time plus blogging, writing, and now managing the social media for three businesses. I’m very busy but very lucky that I’m in this position right now.

Because all of my gigs are part time and two of them are completely spurred by myself, I can take when I need to do the things that are important to me.  I can make time for long walks and resting when I feel yucky or haven’t slept well. But with my PT job, I still have a steady stream of income and sick time if I need to take it.

My nausea isn’t as severe as it has been or as consistent (except for that one day) so hopefully it’s on it’s way out. My sleeplessness some nights isn’t technically caused by my pregnancy. I’ve always been the kind of person who if woken up, has a lot of difficult getting back to sleep.  Now that I need to get up at least once a night to go to the bathroom, this just presents more opportunities for me to not go back to sleep.  Usually I’ll spend about three hours, watching TV, reading blogs, or sometimes even working, ending with a late night snack before finally returning back to bed and sleep.

My cravings are doing a world tour.  The first half of my first trimester was all about Asia — Chinese food and Thai food.  Although my cravings for sushi haven’t waned, I’ve now moved on to Italian food. Pasta is my meal of choice, but I’m an equal opportunity eater when it comes to Italian food. This past week I ate my grandmother’s spaghetti with super meaty meat sauce, seafood risotto, mushroom ravioli with light tomato cream sauce, and although I can’t remember right now, I’m sure there was pizza in there somewhere.

I’m also craving milk.  I drink it every morning with breakfast and sometimes at dinner.  I accidentally bought whole milk at the grocery store last week (I usually buy skim) and managed to put most of the gallon away by myself with only a little help from Brad within a week. On one day I had four glasses. I can’t explain it, but thank God I’m not lactose intolerant.

And for that matter, thank God I’m not vegan or gluten free, else I would have starved to death by now.  I’m trying to eat healthy, but I still want nothing to do with veggies besides the spinach I sneak into my smoothies periodically.

The Bump:
My waistline is definitely less obvious recently, but this might have something to do with giving into every craving and then some last week.  I was an eating machine.

I have avoided the scale, but there will be no avoiding it when I go to my midwife appointment on February 1.  I chose to go with the midwifery practice at my OB/GYN and I’m sure I’ll talk more about that in the future.

Fun Stuff:
A lot of my maternity clothes that I ordered online came in last week. My friend Erin called me to go out for lunch last weekend and I had fun showing her what I had bought. There hasn’t been anything very momentous this week except I’ve dove head first into planning my cousin’s baby shower, which will be at the end of February.  All this baby shower stuff over the past couple of months has definitely got me thinking about my future baby shower(s) and what I want.

Right now I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day.  I’ll hit the week 12 mark on February 13 and have decided to announce my pregnancy here on the blog the following day. There are so many times a day that I catch myself almost saying something about my pregnancy to people I haven’t told yet.  It’ll be so nice to not have to hide it anymore. But the end of still March cannot come fast enough.  I want to know so badly if I’m having a boy or a girl.  I feel like it will make this whole experience seem so much more real.


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