Cream and Paisley

Some of the components that make up this outfit come from some very special times in my life.

The skirt?

I bought it at a Banana Republic in 2006 in Charleston, the day after running my very first half marathon on Kiawah Island.

The boots:

I bought them on my very first trip to New York in 2008.  Brad took me.  I looked for boots I look far and wide and finally settled on these about an hour before boarding the bus back to Boston (where Brad was working at the time).

I think they do a nice job at dressing down an otherwise too-dressy-for-work skirt.

The rest of the outfit is less sentimental.

But isn’t it funny the things that you remember?

Sweater: Aerie
Belt: Target
Skirt: Banana Republic
Bracelet: SoBo Loft
Boots: Merrel

I’ll be cheering on the UNC-Chapel Hill men’s basketball team tonight as we face our biggest opponent: Dook. Even though this is a style post, I couldn’t help but mention it here.  I’ll add that I’m not wearing the above outfit, but am instead donning a Carolina blue sweater, on my way out the door to join some very loyal alumni…probably about 300 of us.

It’s going to be rowdy good time.
If we win.
Which we will.

Go Heels!


2 Responses to Cream and Paisley

  1. I remember moments in relation to my clothes, too. Funny how that works. Have fun tonight- it sounds like a blast with so many people!

  2. Oh Gosh…that game. My husband had tickets, but I opted to stay home and watch with friends (those crowds are too much for me). He came back to the house SOO PISSED OFF. He even woke up the next morning pissed. I’m sure you can relate….tarheel marriages

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