Valentine’s Day Meal – Option 1

A few days ago, I wrote about a lot of fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are a foodie, like me.

But my absolute favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to cook for the person I love.

I won’t be cooking this Valentine’s Day since we will be out of town.  But lucky for you guys (and lucky for Brad too), I’ve been working on some meals that are good enough for a fancy home-cooked meal, worthy of Valentine’s Day.

This week and next, I’m bringing to you two so incredibly simple, but impressive romantic meals for two.  Your honey will be amazed at your talent.

And you can keep how easy these recipes are all to yourself.

We’ll start with simple and delicious Maple Dijon Salmon. 

On the side, I suggest you make a gorgeous potato dish like Roasted Sweet and Yellow Potatoes with Sage and Parmesan.  

And what could be more fancy (but easy!) than Green Beans Almondine made with French green beans?

So yummy.

So easy.

You didn’t think I forgot dessert, did you?

Death by Chocolate Mousse

So romantic.

Want the recipes?

Check out my Eat My Charlotte blog post on Creative Loafing for all the details.

8 Responses to Valentine’s Day Meal – Option 1

  1. Brad

    This. Was. Awesome.

  2. Is it bad that it’s not even 7AM and I want that that Death by Chocolate Mousse? It looks so delicious!

  3. Beautiful! I am going to make this dinner over the weekend since we are going out on valentines day. But this looks amazing, I cannot wait!

  4. Those potatoes look tasty and the chocolate mousse looks divine! Perfect for VDay or an anniversary/ special dinner…

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