Pretty in Pain

I’ll let you take that title how you will.

Last night, I ran a little over six miles, mostly in the dark.  It was a very pleasant run and left my thinking, “Why don’t I suck it up and run in the dark more often?” The end of my run was greeted by a stabbing pain in my lower right calf.  And then this morning I woke up with a horrible pain in my neck.

I’m barely 28 1/2 and I feel like I’m falling apart.

In other news, Brad has found a new sport that doesn’t hurt his knee in the least (like running does) and we can do together.  Swimming!

I’ve signed us up for an annual family pass through my work, which receives a special discount.  It’s great to finally have something active for us to do together.  And it’s kind of nice that Brad is a lot better at swimming than me.

I get winded after 50 meters and have to take a break.  My first attempt to wear goggles was a fail.  I didn’t replace the nose guard before leaving home so it didn’t fit. My Nike one piece (circa 2002 — it’s vintage, haha) is ugly and fits me poorly.

But I’m excited and up for the challenge.

Now, if can figure out how to take in air during freestyle with an aching neck. Drowning is my other option.

Sweater: Anthropologie (sold out)
Cow Neck Top: Gap (circa 2006)
Skirt: J. Crew (sold out)
Belt: Steve Madden (gifted)
Boots: Merrells Tetra Launch (I bought these three years ago for about $100 at a shoe boutique in NY)

Similar items:

Sweater: Ruche $45
Cow Neck Top: Buckle $26.95 (not pictured)
Skirt:  Oasis $27
Belt: Modcloth $17.99
Boots: Aldo $83.99 or $130 for dark brown mid calf similar to mine

Try any new sports lately?
Any good new-to-swimming tips for me?