Five Dresses Deep

This past weekend, I attended Brad’s company holiday party in D.C.

This is my 5th year attending and although I usually love picking out a new dress for the occassion, I was a little torn this year over what to wear.  With all the changes going on at the new house, I wanted to be frugal and deliberated between buying and borrowing a dress.

I bought a new dress from ideeli, only to be dissapointed in the material once it arrived.  On Friday morning, about 24 hours from our flight, I put out an all call out for a request to borrow a dress from several friends, who I knew would come through for me.

After finding myself at the mall later that evening (t-minus 12 hours from our flight), I bought myself another dress because 1. It was a good price and 2. I was still undecided.  Oh bother.

During my shopping outing, I received an email from Nicole who said I could borrow her birthday dress.

Um, yes please!

And so I did.

I. Love. This. Dress.

I kept the crazy to a minimum and packed only one dress for the occasion, leaving the other four at home.

The party was a blast and I can’t help but think that having the perfect shiny frock was the reason. That, and the fact that my hair stayed curly for more than it’s usual five minutes and thirty-two seconds.

What do you do when you can’t decide what to wear for a dressy event? 

a. Search far and wide for the perfect dress

b. Borrow one from a friend

c. Buy/borrow multiple dresses, hoping you’ll decide before you have to get dressed