Five Dresses Deep

This past weekend, I attended Brad’s company holiday party in D.C.

This is my 5th year attending and although I usually love picking out a new dress for the occassion, I was a little torn this year over what to wear.  With all the changes going on at the new house, I wanted to be frugal and deliberated between buying and borrowing a dress.

I bought a new dress from ideeli, only to be dissapointed in the material once it arrived.  On Friday morning, about 24 hours from our flight, I put out an all call out for a request to borrow a dress from several friends, who I knew would come through for me.

After finding myself at the mall later that evening (t-minus 12 hours from our flight), I bought myself another dress because 1. It was a good price and 2. I was still undecided.  Oh bother.

During my shopping outing, I received an email from Nicole who said I could borrow her birthday dress.

Um, yes please!

And so I did.

I. Love. This. Dress.

I kept the crazy to a minimum and packed only one dress for the occasion, leaving the other four at home.

The party was a blast and I can’t help but think that having the perfect shiny frock was the reason. That, and the fact that my hair stayed curly for more than it’s usual five minutes and thirty-two seconds.

What do you do when you can’t decide what to wear for a dressy event? 

a. Search far and wide for the perfect dress

b. Borrow one from a friend

c. Buy/borrow multiple dresses, hoping you’ll decide before you have to get dressed

12 Responses to Five Dresses Deep

  1. Kelly Carothers

    It was a gorgeous dress Kelly! You made a good choice 🙂

  2. Jen

    kelly – the dress is perfect and you look beautiful! so glad the party was fun and you found a dress that worked.

  3. You looked so pretty!! Glad my dress was shown a good time! 🙂

  4. Classic beauty! Love your choice.

  5. That dress is so adorable and you look great in it.

    PS – completely impressed with the restraint you had to only pack one dress. I am never able to do that!

  6. That dress is darling! I am awful and always want to buy a new dress for each event but have gotten better in recent years and have been recycling past dresses… If only money wasn’t an object 😉

  7. I’m always indecisive about special occasion dresses too. You looked great! I think when you feel great you do have a better time! I need to hear the recap on this year’s festivities! Hope I see you soon!

  8. That is a gorgeous dress! I love what a unique color it is.

    I, unfortunately, am a c) when it comes to picking out clothes for an event – I pick out/borrow as many options as possible, hoping that I’ll decide right when it comes down to it! Sometimes this works, but usually, I just end up with way too many options…

  9. Such a cute dress!!! And I love your hair – adorable! I’m so bad when it comes to finding dresses for special events. I’m usually really last minute and end up buying something the day of the event.

  10. That’s what friends are for! I love borrowing my friend’s clothes. They always have the best stuff!

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