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I’m so excited to be kicking off another fun weekend of I’m a runner posts!  And I think I’ve found my blogger twin in this next featured runner.

Just so you know, I like to blog stalk my I’m a runner blogger contributors a bit so I can properly introduce them.  Some of them I already know because I read their blogs and some of them are new to me. As soon as I clicked on Victoria’s blog Running Peanut for the first time, I knew I had met a kindred spirit and proceeded to add her to my blog roll.

Like me, Victoria…
– is very short
– is training for her second marathon
– loves the Real Housewives of NY
– has a husband with a wonderful sense of humor and likes to dance 🙂
– thinks Carolina is awesome
– is loving The Hunger Games

Yeah, we’re practicially bosom buddies already, which is probably news to Victoria. 😉


Name: Victoria
Age: 30
Blog: Running Peanut: scootieshow.blogspot.com
Twitter: @RunningPeanut

1. How did you begin running?

My sister-in-law signed all of the siblings up to do the Princess Half Marathon in March 2010.  Having never run more than three miles at once, I was somewhat terrified at the idea of 13.                Imagine how surprised I was when I not only finished the whole thing, I actually liked doing it!  After that, I was hooked!

2. In how many races have you competed?

15.  I’m now training for the Marine Corps Marathon

3. What is your favorite pre-run fuel?

I can only eat peanut butter on toast.  It’s my default.  I tried to vary it, and the results were not pretty (see #4 below).

 4. What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you while running?

I had a group run of 16 miles, and had to stop 11 times.  ‘Nuff said.  Now I know where all the porta-potties are on our routes.

 5. Do you like running buddies or do you prefer to run alone? 

Running group all the way!!  I love my group.  They keep it real and keep you moving when you want to stop.  I won’t  get up at 4:00 in the morning on the weekends for anyone but them.

6. What’s your must-have object on a run?

For a long run, definitely need a fanny pack, i.e., my spibelt.  It usually has shot bloks, my car key, and T.P. (You can never be too careful.  Again, see #4).

 7. Favorite place to run?
Well, it’s certainly not the “dreadmill.”   I love running down Park Avenue in Winter Park.  It’s a very ritzy part of town with a lot of stores.  For about half a mile, I can combine two of my loves: running and window shopping for clothes I can’t afford.
 8.  What is the worst race in which you have ever participated?

The A1A Half in Fort Lauderdale.  I got burned out by the pacer and it was really, really, hot towards the end, even for a Florida girl like me.  Plus, I may or may not have indulged in margaritas and Mexican food the night before – not exactly ideal pre-race nutrition.

9. What’s your favorite race distance and why?

I don’t really have a favorite, but I definitely have a least favorite and that would a 5k.  I may be low to the ground, but I am not built for speed!

10.  How many times a week do you typically run?

Between three and four.  I’d liked to do more, but I just don’t have the time.

 11. How has your running or your feelings toward running changed over the years?

When I was in college, I only viewed running as a weight loss tool.  For that reason, it was never any fun.  I remember running on Thursday nights before I went out so I could burn enough calories to drink and eat whatever I wanted.  It was a chore and a necessary evil.  Now, I view running as my sanity saver, the time I spend on myself that makes me happy.  Running isn’t a form of exercise to me; it’s my freedom.  And if I get to eat a couple extra cupcakes because of it, well, that’s just a bonus.

 12. What’s your pie-in-the sky running dream?

Like many other runners, I would love to BQ (qualify for the Boston Marathon).  Hey, I only have to take about an hour off my marathon time!


Victoria, thanks so much for sharing your running experiences and agreeing to be featured on Foodie Fresh today.  I had a great time learning about your relationship with running and plan to check out your blog more too!

If you would like to be featured as part of the I’m a runner series, please email me at foodiefresh@gmail.com.

3 Responses to I’m a runner – Victoria

  1. I’m also from Orlando too and never thought about running down Park Ave. What a great idea!

  2. I <3 Victoria! I'm lucky enough to have met her in real life (and run with her group!) 🙂 So glad she was featured!

  3. Aw Kelly, you are too cute, we really need to meet sometime! If you’re Victoria’s bossom buddy you’ll be mine too cause she’s fantastic. You ladies are great 🙂

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