A happy birthday giveaway

Today is my birthday!

But I have a gift for you! And, it involves my favorite fruit ever.

Here’s a not so subtle hint…

Yummmm, strawberries…

I made this smoothie sans bananas because I have more strawberries than I know what to do with.

That’s a lie.  I  know exactly what to do with them.

Open mouth.

Insert strawberry.




Anywho, remember how I made a healthier strawberry shortcake using some of the strawberries California Giant Berry Farms sent me?  Well now you have the chance to win your own gargantuan shipment of fresh strawberries.

You can get up to two entries by doing the following things.

1. Answer one of two questions: What’s your favorite thing to make with strawberries or what’s  your favorite type of birthday cake?

2. Tweet this giveaway — “@Foodiefresh is giving away a huge shipment of fresh strawberries!” And also link back to this post.

I’ll pick a winner on Saturday morning.  This is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.

I’m sorry my foreign friends. 🙁

Something is missing here.

There.  That’s much better.

Have a lovely day!

39 Responses to A happy birthday giveaway

  1. I absolutely love white cake with lots of frosting for my birthday cake.

  2. I love strawberries by themselves but my favorite thing to do with them is to let the wife make Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Happy Birthday, Kelly!

  3. I love strawberries and whipped cream

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    I know you said ‘answer one’ but I am horrible at following directions.

    -What’s your favorite thing to make with strawberries?
    CHEESECAKE! But they are awesome just by themselves. Straight outta the container is typically how they meet their delicious demise!

    -What’s your favorite type of birthday cake?
    Funfetti! Or chocolate cake with chocolate icing. It’s a toss up!

  5. I love making strawberry shortcake!

  6. Sara P.

    I like to make a Spinach Salad With Strawberries and Pecans

  7. we’re the same age! I love strawberries too! I go for strawberries and cream ice cream. Or at least the foodie version of it. haha. Not bad to eat with a glass of chardonnay either, eh?

  8. Bridget

    I love carrot cake with lots of cream cheese frosting!

  9. Heather C

    Happy Birthday! =)

    What a cool giveaway too! Thanks for giving us a gift on YOUR birthday, haha
    Favorite thing to do with strawberries – homemade strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream.
    Favorite cake: Chocolate with peanut butter frosting.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    I LOVE ice cream cake- the kind with 2 layers of ice cream and frosting (not real cake involved).

  11. happy birthday, kelly! favorite birthday cake = hummingbird

  12. Happy Birthday!!! My favorite birthday cake is mixed berry cake but in cupcake form with coconut and honey frosting…It’s to die for!!

  13. I tweeeted about your giveaway 🙂

  14. Dear Lord, this would be a dream. I’m obsessed with strawberries! My favorite thing to make with them is strawberry shortcake, and I also love putting them on top of waffles. Happy Birthday!!!!!! 🙂

  15. I just tweeted your giveaway. 🙂

  16. Amy

    mmmmm… I could eat strawberries any way, but my favorite is frozen strawberry pie!

  17. Chloe

    Favorite way to eat strawberries has to be plain. But I need to make some strawberry ice cream this summer…hmmm…maybe strawberry ice cream cake! Happy Birthday, Kelly!

  18. Jen

    Happy birthday Kelly!!!!

    My favorite thing to make with strawberries is strawberry shortcake. And surprisingly enough, my favorite birthday cake flavor is strawberry! Yum!!!

  19. Z

    Fresh Strawberry Margaritas… just in time for Cinqo de Mayo! 🙂
    Happy Birthday, Kelly!

  20. Jen

    Happy Birthday Kelly!
    My favorite way to eat strawberries is with vanilla ice cream or on top of waffles. My favorite cake is all chocolate!!

  21. Happy birthday sweet girl!! I hope you and the hubs are doing something super fun tonight!!! 😉

    Favorite thing to do with strawberries: make ice cream, put on fruit pizza, make jelly, put in a spinach salad, strawberry cake is awfully tasty, hmmm I could go on for days!!

    Favorite B-day Cake – Pineapple Upside down cake – must be made in a cast iron skillet – and I get all the ooey gooey caramel edges – hey it’s MY birthday cake 😉

    • Thanks Katy! It was so good to see you last night. I’m sorry we didn’t get to hang out afterwards. My guest wanted to chow and plus Brad wasn’t feeling so great so we parked ourselves at a table the whole night. Looking forward to seeing you again at another running group. 🙂

  22. My favorite thing to make strawberries with is smoothies! I love to add them into a blender with a banana, milk, and yogurt! Sooo good! : )

  23. Kathryn Sullivan

    My favorite kind of birthday cake is actually Key Lime Pie- maybe it’s because my birthday is in December and all I crave is light, fruity sweets and warm weather!

    • For one of my birthdays, my grandmother had my great aunt, who makes THE BEST cheesecakes, make me a key lime cheesecake. It was soooo good! Plus, they’re easy to freeze so I just cut little slivers at a time and enjoyed it the whole month.

  24. Happy Birthday!!! I love strawberries just by themselves the best but I also love them in smoothies and on salads.

  25. Kassi

    My favorite thing to make with strawberries is… strawberries? I think I like eating them fresh and raw the best. Sometimes with other fruit like bananas or kiwi. When they’re getting more soft/too ripe I like to make smoothies. I love them in spinach salad, too.

  26. Erin M.

    I love coconut cake! yum. Happy belated birthday!!

  27. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!!! Favorite birthday cake is chocolate chip cookie cake 🙂

  28. Stephanie

    My favorite thing with strawberries is also my favorite birthday cake….strawberry pie…like they used to make at Shoney’s!

  29. Jen

    I hope you had a great birthday Kelly!

    Favorite birthday cake would be a lemon cake and lemon icing. YUM 🙂

  30. Faith

    Happy Birthday!! I know it is a little non-traditional for a birthday cake, but my favorite cake on my birthday is a Tres Leches cake!!!

  31. Megan

    my favorite would have to be carrot cake hands down. Something about the carrots and nuts with the cream cheese icing is amazing stuff.

  32. Katherine

    I love to put strawberries and cocoa in my oatmeal. And my favorite cake would be ice cream cake, with sugar free chocolate ice cream!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

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