For every thing, there is a season

…and right now, I’m experiencing a season of change…positive changes. 🙂

The past month has been a transition as I’ve changed jobs and enjoyed a new way of life, thanks to my new job.

If you have never had a long commute to work, this might be difficult to understand, but going from about 2 1/2 hours driving to and from work to a nice easy 12 minute (5 blocks) walk to work is a mind blowing change.  I definitely consider it an upgrade to my quality of life.

I have given myself time to think about my blog and what I want it to look like.  I’ve been inspired by some really fabulous blogs to rethink the way I do things and how I want to represent myself.

With this extra time and different way of life, I’ve changed some of the way I do things and I want this blog to reflect that.  There was a time several months ago when I wanted to change my blog format and even discussed it here,  briefly.  But before long it was like…

this is what I ate, this is what I ate, this is what, this is what, this is what I ate…(sung to the tune of This is Why I’m Hot) 😉

…all over again.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to share what I’m eating.  Food is a big big part of my life.

But, it’s not everything.  I feel like I’ve kind of pigeonholed myself, so when I feel uninspired to cook or write about what I’m eating, I get a little bored with blogging.  Don’t you get a little bored reading?

So what can you expect from all this? What will FoodieFresh blog posts include with this change?

Recipes of things I made and loved: Afterall, blogging about food was my first love.  Food porn will always be a staple here.
Tales of meals I really enjoyed: If there’s one thing I love as much as creating a delicious meal, it’s enjoying a delicious meal; even if I didn’t cook it myself.
Things I’m loving: Which include, but are not limited to, beauty products, food products, music, books, other blogs, etc.  I don’t really want to limit myself here but I have found the best stuff through other people and blogs.  Word of mouth is the way to go and I want to share my great finds with readers as well.  Why should I be the only one enjoying these great things?
Things I’m wearing: There are fashionable girls and there are girls with their own style.  I definitely fall into the latter category.  You won’t see me wearing anything resembling fashion off the runway and I only wear things considered “in fashion” if I really really like it.  My style is a bit eclectic and a bit retro.  Maybe it’s the onset of spring or maybe it’s the fact that I walk to work everyday with ladies who “dress” for work…but I’m loving getting dressed every day.

Other things that might pop up: 
– Book reviews: I have found myself swooning over books with friends lately and I need somewhere else to do this or they’re going to stop talking to me for fear of getting homework
– General thoughts and musings: the basic premise of all blogs
– Trips, travels, and the like
– Fun events I go to in Charlotte and wherever else I find myself
– House renovations and eventually decorating (this has been such a slow process but I promise to update you guys on this once adequate progress is made)
– Anything that pops up in my head or my life that I feel like sharing
– Fitness…more on this later

What you won’t see…

– 100% journal style postings
– Meals that are less than amazing
– Posts written just for the sake of writing posts

So, what do yout think?  Please share! I would love to know your thoughts.  Am I leaving anything out you want me to cover?  Do some of these things not interest you at all?

I can’t promise to taylor my writing to all of my readers.  I kind of adhere to the school  of thought that the blog comes first and then the readers follow so if I lose readers because of a style and format change in my blogging, I will pick other readers up who didn’t enjoy what I was writing about before the change, but appreciates the new format.

I love hearing your opinions, positive or negative, so let’s hear ’em!