Happy Birthday Brad!

Today, is Brad’s 28th birthday.

And on his special day, I would like to point out that I was very lucky to have married a man of so many wonderful traits and abilities.

Brad, there are so many things about you that you are too humble to admit, but I think your birthday is the perfect day to celebrate you and your many talents.

You are a very talented artist…


…not only in traditional mediums…

…but in the untraditional, as well.

You have great style and always impress others with your charm.

You’re a gifted public speaker and are always ready to respond under pressure.

You’re always the life of the party.  You’ll do anything for a laugh.

And you’re also usually the center of attention, because people like you so much.

You’re a great “father” to our only “son”, even if you do teach him a bad habit cute trick from time to time . 😉

You’re my partner in crime.


I always know our time together will be an adventure.

You’re always there…

…when people need your help.

You’re a great friend.

Also, I think you’re the best husband ever. 🙂

So cheers to you on your birthday!


I hope you enjoy every second of it.

Happy birthday babe!