An off night

Yesterday afternoon, I snacked on this new-to-me Clif Mojo mixed nut bar.  This was probably my least favorite out of all the ones I have tried.  There was something missing…something like chocolate chips. 😉  It was still pretty good with a salty and slightly sweet taste.  I would eat it again if I was hungry but I would pick other flavors over this one if I had the choice.

Last night ended up being one of those meh nights.  I just felt a little off.  My body was tired due to my overzealous exercising last weekend.  I’ve felt so great exercising lately, but I might have overdone it a bit this weekend.  My body wanted a night off so I gave in.

I also had no desire to cook and ended up eating the last of my cinnamon strawberry cereal, topped with 1/2 a sliced banana and some shredded coconut, plus skim milk.

I also had an orange, some biscotti that I didn’t think was very good, but ended up eating quite a bit anyway.  I threw them away since I didn’t really like them.  I don’t usually waste food, but they have been sitting in the back of my pantry forever and I really truly did not want them.

Brad and I decided to open this bottle of Pinot Grigio his parents brought us when they visited two weekends ago.

It was slightly effervescent, almost like champagne.  A nice surprise if you ask me.

I spent the night reading more of Little Bee and caught up on some television shows I’ve been neglecting to watch.

Do you ever eat things because you feel snacky even if you don’t really love what you’re eating? What is your go-to food when you don’t feel like cooking?