There’s no lunch post today! My coworkers and boss took me out to Mellow Mushroom for lunch and you all know I don’t mix blogging and work.  So in lieu of my regularly scheduled lunch post, I decided to participate in the ABC all about me questionnaire that has been making its rounds around blog world.  I’ve really enjoyed reading other’s ABC’s, so I hope you enjoy mine as well.  🙂

Age: 27…but I’ll be 28 pretty soon.  Yikes, I’m getting old.

I saw this birthday cake on the front of Family Circus when I was younger and really wanted it for my birthday.  I still have quite a few birthdays left in case any of my family members are reading this…cough, Brad, cough cough.

Bed Size: queen, but I think a king would be perfect since Rascal really prefers to sleep horizontally across the bed

Chore you hate: dusting, I’m allergic to dust so I usually end up sneezing

Dogs: Rascal, my one and only

Essential start to your day: Breakfast! I just cannot comprehend when some people say they’re too busy or don’t want breakfast.  If breakfast didn’t exist to entice me out of bed, I probably wouldn’t make it to work most days.

a breakfast I put together from a little grocer in Manarola, Italy

Favorite color: Green! My name is Kelly, after all.

Gold or silver: I chose a white gold engagement and wedding ring because I think I will always wear silver, but I really enjoy wearing gold and probably wear it most days, right now.  I think browns and tans go best with gold and I typically those wear colors more often than black, which I think goes best with silver typically.

Height: 5’1 3/4″…I feel like I’m dishonest if I say 5’2″.

Instrument: I took piano for four years until I broke my arm.  I kind of hated it.  I played flute in junior high and high school.  I don’t really play anything now, but I can still read music.

Job title:Management Analyst, but soon to be Administrative Officer III.  Vague, no?

Kids: None yet, but I would love to have two…maybe three (?).  We shall see.

Live: Charlotte, NC, The Queen City


Mom’s name: Tamara, but she goes by Tammy.  Pronounced Tam-uh-ruh, not Tuh-mare-ruh.

Nickname:Brad call’s me babe, boo, devil (I call him this too), bug, little bug; my maternal grandmother called me sweet patootie; others have called me Kel, Kelly-girl.  There’s really too many to mention.

Overnight hospital stays: None that I can remember.

Pet peeve: When people take 30 minutes to answer very simple questions or when people monopolize a meeting about things that aren’t relevant to the whole group. Impatient, much?

Quote from a movie: Until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there’s no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value. – Clueless


I actually love a lot of movie quotes, mostly romantic ones, but I still find every line in Clueless hilarious.

Right or left handed:Rightie, but I had to write with my left hand for 1 1/2 months in sixth grade when I broke my arm. Not easy.

Siblings: One younger brother, Wess

Time you wake up: Let’s see…if I’m working out before work at my current job, anywhere between 4:30 and 5 am, 5:30 when I’m not working out most days, and I rarely sleep past 7 am on weekends.

Underwear: This really isn’t that kind of blog, but I’ll just say the pretty ones.

Vegetables you dislike: I cannot make myself like beets no matter how hard I try, but I don’t hate them.  I also do not like raw mushrooms.

What makes you run late: not being able to find clothes to wear, or at least any that do not need to be ironed.  I really hate ironing.

X-rays you’ve had: plenty of teeth x-rays and my right arm when I broke my humerus.


Yummy food you make:I won’t post it here if it’s not yummy, scouts honor.

Zoo – favorite animal: Koalas! They’ve always been my favorite.  Brad thinks I’m a little obsessed with zoos.  I always want to visit them when we’re in a new city.

I realize there is a lot of controversy around zoos, but I believe that there are good zoos and bad zoos.  Bad zoos are mainly for profit and care nothing about the health and welfare of the animal population.  Good zoos are for protecting endangered animals.  Sometimes that means having animals in captivity that are not endangered to make enough profit to to protect and aid endangered animals to reproduce.  End rant.

Now, how about you?

1. What is the essential start to your day?

2. What vegetables do you dislike?