A different chicken salad

Brad was in charge of dinner last night, but I helped a bit too.

Remember that chicken I roasted on Friday night?  It was a big part of the meal, but first I had to finish cooking it.  I thought it was done on Friday night.  It looks done, doesn’t it?  It registered the correct temperature that a website I googled recommended for roast chicken.  I cut into the breast and the juice came out clear.  But upon further inspection, the thigh meat was not done.

Do not let me scare you away from roasting a chicken.  It really isn’t that difficult.  If I were to do it again, this is what I would do:

– Reach into the chicken cavity and pull out the giblets.  Throw them away.
– Season your chicken.  I only used salt and pepper because I want to be able to use the meat in a variety of ways to be seasoned later.
Place in a dish that is at least 1 in. thick.  Cook on 350 degrees F. 
– Begin checking your chicken after 40 minutes, but cook time will vary depending on weight.  My chicken ended up needing about 1 1/2 hours until it was thoroughly cooked.
– Roast until chicken registers 180 degrees in the thickest part of the thigh.  Or, cut into the thigh and check to see if the meat is no longer pink.

I “picked” part of the chicken for dinner.  I realize that “picking a chicken” is most likely a southern expression, but ultimately I removed some of the meat for dinner.  Picking a chicken is the “technical term” for removing the meat from the bone with your fingers.

Brad used the chicken to make Thai chicken curry salad.

He also used:
– Greek yogurt
– Thai green curry
– Salt
– Chopped apple
– Shredded carrots

I’m not sure how much of each ingredient he uses for this dish.  I think he just tastes it a little at a time until it’s perfect.

We ate the Thai green curry chicken in whole wheat wraps with spinach and purple cabbage.

I also made some sweet potato “chips” on the side.  Perfect.

And then I remembered that everything tastes better with ketchup.

While listening to public radio this weekend, I heard on the Splendid Table that ketchup is on the way out.  Well, not in my house, if I have anything to do with it. 😉

Brad and I called it an early night and got in bed just after 8:30 pm so I could do some reading.  I’m halfway through this book and it’s taking me fooooreveeeer to finish it.  It’s actually a very good book and I have trouble putting it down during my allotted reading time.  But, I’m having trouble quitting everything else in time to head to bed and read.  I really enjoy reading so I need to make this more of a priority in my life.

Rascal likes it when I head to bed early too.  This means extra snuggle time for him.  However, around 3 am this morning, Brad and I had about all the snuggling we could stand and Rascal got banished to his own bed.  I found him this morning completely covered by his blanket, snoring loudly.

Silly dog. 🙂