The leftovers keep coming

I have been super productive today, like rock star productive.  Work is really busy right now and I feel good that I’m getting so much done.

Bringing more leftovers to you at lunch.  I know…yawn.

My layered pasta bake is definitely worth eating twice in one week.  Since this recipe made so much, we kept a serving for Brad and I to eat as leftovers and put the other half in the freezer.

Don’t mind my bracelet, I can’t seem to work with anything on my wrists.  The clang clang on the keyboard drives me crazy.  Does anyone else have bracelet issues?

I had the rest of my roasted broccoli I made two nights ago and a sad wrinkled pitiful clementine.  I bought way too big of a bag of clementines two weeks ago for the rate at which I was eating them.  I ended up having to throw away at least four because they were going bad or didn’t have any flavor.

I overestimate the amount of produce I can consume sometimes.

It’s true what they say about Italian food.  It does taste better as leftovers.  That brown pesto may look gross, but I assure you it is not.

Brad g-chatted me (like instant messenger over gmail) during work to make sure we didn’t have any more that was not in the freezer.  Apparently the other half of the container of pasta that I left him did not satisfy his hunger at lunch. I tried to tell him to eat more vegetables, but he got distracted trying to convince me that I’m somehow related to Johnnie Depp.  Don’t ask.

Confusion in the News: This is why I remain skeptical of “new findings” in health news. 
Big Breakfasts Are Out
: “People who consume big breakfasts consume more calories overall”.   What’s interesting here is that they don’t really explain what a “big” breakfast is.  People who eat a tiny little bowl of cereal and milk might think my breakfast is big.  But it’s not rocket science to think that if you’re stopping by a fast food place for a egg and sausage biscuit, plus hash browns most mornings, you’re not doing anything for your health.  They actually make it sound like skipping breakfast completely might even be okay.  I’m calling “bull” on this article.

What do you think about this “new finding” about breakfast and your health?