Prenuptial pub crawl I

When Brad and I got married we wanted to do things our way and one of the things we decided upon early on was no bachelor and/or bachelorette party.  We felt that a co-ed pub crawl was way more “us”.  So the Thursday night before our wedding, we rounded up all of our friends and set out to do the lap of pubs around a block of Uptown.  Unfortunately, it poured that night, but fortunately we didn’t care.  We had such an awesome time with our friends and family at Dandelion Market, that we really didn’t want to leave.  Later, the group dwindled from about 40 people to around 10 and we headed over to Molly MacPherson’s.  Of course, there was also a late night trip to Fuel pizza to round out the night.  We had such a great time and took some really great photos, most of which are utterly ridiculous.

There are so many to show, so I am going to post a gallery at a time.  There are five total for the pub crawl and many more wedding-related photos to come.


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