It's been a blogger weekend

After my 4 mile race yesterday morning.  I came home and ran another three miles on the treadmill.  I had big plans to run 6 more miles for a total of 10 but by the time I got to mile three, I was just so tired of being sweaty.  After running and marinating in my running clothes during breakfast for several hours, I really really needed a shower.

Here are some action shots from my race (I’m in green).

For the record, I don’t usually smile while I’m running, but I do for photo ops.

Lunch was a veggiepalooza due to the need to eat the contents of our crisper before everything goes bad.  I’ve been a little heavy handed on the produce at the grocery store lately, but haven’t been following through by eating all of it regularly.

Ezekiel wrap (my last) with avocado, Laughing Cow, tomatoes, red bell peppers, and some kind of greens.  I bought them at the farmer’s market a little while ago and I know they’re not collard greens or mustard greens, but don’t remember what variety they are.  They have a very mild flavor so they might even be okay for a smoothie.

After tackling some wedding-related tasks, I snacked on this Banana Walnut Gnu bar.  This may be my very favorite.  The walnuts really add to the flavor.  Other bars that don’t add walnuts to their banana bread flavor is really doing a disservice by leaving out the walnuts.  Walnuts belong in banana bread.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with getting the last of the bridemaid’s presents finished.  I can’t wait to show them off, but can’t disclose them until I have actually given them away next Saturday at the bridesmaid luncheon.

I also stopped by Staples and picked up some place cards for the reception tables, then hurried home to get ready for more fun times with Charlotte bloggers.

Michelle invited Brad and I over to her house for a cookout to say goodbye to Kath, who is moving to Charlottesville on Tuesday, and Emily, who is moving to D.C. September 1.

The spread was amazing, as could be expected from a bunch of foodies. 🙂

Corn on the cob, grilled summer veggies, black bean burgers, beef burgers, cheese and veggie burger toppings, lots-o-condiments, and Great Harvest hamburger buns.

These were the star of the show for me.  I love black bean burgers so much I think I could eat one everyday.

Other eats: black bean and corn salsa and mango salsa (my contribution), blue tortilla chips and regular salsa, orzo salad, cukes and tomato salad, plus plenty of tortilla chips for dipping.  We brought two bags, which were never opened.  So many chips!

My plate:  a little of this and that, the bottom of a hamburger bun with a black been burger and copious amounts of ketchup, then lots of veggies.

Someone broke out one of the new Lara Bars; the PB chocolate chip, which I tried last week.  I held back from snacking on it, since others hadn’t tried it yet.  It was gone in probably 2 minutes.  Pictures speak louder than words about this bar.

Michelle’s dog Cooper got plenty of loving.  He’s such a cute friendly little guy.

Katie’s vegan cupcakes were sooo delicious.

I also had a bite of Diana’s green monster muffins which somehow escaped the camera.  I’m pretty much convinced now that you can add spinach to anything without changing the taste or texture.

We all gathered around for a group shot. Caitlin, me, Michelle, Emily, Diana, Jen, Katie, and Kath.

After having a great time hanging out, Brad and I met up with some other friends in the Plaza Midwood area.  We had a couple of drinks, but around 11:30 pm, I got so sleepy I knew I couldn’t make it another minute.  Brad stayed out with friends and I headed in grateful to be in bed before midnight.