Got my Garmin!

Yesterday afternoon on the drive home from work, I had one thing on my mind: Peanut  butter chocolate chip Lara bar.  Buying that second one at Earth Fare last week was a good idea.

Somehow this stirred the sugar monster inside of me and I immediately grabbed some dark chocolate edamame afterwords.  I thought I might just  be a little hungrier than usual so I also grabbed a brown rice cake smeared with a Laughing Cow and that finally did the trick.  The monster went back inside and the snacking subsided. 🙂

When Brad arrived home from work he had a package in his hands.  Could it be…?

My NEW GARMIN!!! Just in time for a seven mile run.  I google-mapped (you don’t use this as a verb?) our route and we set off.

Unfortunately it’s getting much darker, much faster now and we ended up running the last 3ish miles in complete darkness.  I had to wait until we crossed under a street light to look at the turns I had written down on a piece of paper to guide us.  And of course I couldn’t see the screen on my Garmin.  It was pleasantly cool.  The perfect weather for a run.

It turns out the Google Maps was wrong.  So wrong.  We ran 7.57 miles!  I even double checked the route to make sure we made all the right turns.  It’s a good thing I ordered the Garmin because if Google Maps is screwing up my route by almost 6/10 of a mile for a seven mile run, think how it could be screwing up >14 mile runs.

I’m so proud of Brad!  This was his long run of the week.  It’s been a while since he ran seven miles and he did so well.  I actually had to ask him to slow down a few times.  My right calf was hurting most of the run.  The only time it stopped bothering me was when we sprinted the last block and a half home.  Maybe only slow running makes it hurt (?).

Dinner was quick and easy.

Slow cooked pork tenderloin and apples + caramelized maple brussel sprouts

On Sunday night, Brad seared two tenderloins sprinkled with salt and pepper that were both a little under a pound each.  These were “all natural” pork tenderloins from Earth Fare, which the butcher described as “organic without getting the government involved”. 😉

On Monday morning I sliced five apples (~4 cups) and added them to the crock pot with the pork and:

-1/2 tsp. ground ginger
-1 tsp. garlic powder
-1 tsp. salt
-2 Tbsp. worcestershire sauce
-1 Tbsp. brown sugar
-1 cup unsweetened apple sauce

This cooked on low all day until it turned itself off.  When I got home I put it on “buffet” to keep it warm until we were ready to eat.

The combination of sweet and savory in this meal was fantastic.  Such a nice fall-ish meal for a cool autumn night. 🙂