Elliott at 3 Months

Elliott at 3 months

Get ready to hear this every single month, but I can’t believe my baby boy is already three months old.  He has changed SO much in the past month!

Precious Elliott

Every week he becomes more vocal, more animated, and more active.  You should see him kick! He kick kick kicks until his socks slip off.  In fact, there’s only one brand of socks that make it on his feet all day.

I especially love it when he kicks in the bathtub.  He’s so insanely cute! He looks like he’s running a race. Brad played a lot of soccer growing up so we think we’ve got another soccer player on our hands.

Elliott at Halloween

We celebrated Elliott’s first Halloween this month and even though neither of the two costumes we bought him fit, he was adorable in his Halloween onesie and the pumpkin hat my mom made him.

Elliott with dachshund onesie

Elliott playing

One of the biggest changes to Elliott in the past month is how enamored he is with his hands.  He loves to look in mirrors and now loves to look at his hand in the mirror.  He moves it up and down while he watches it carefully.  I’m sure it’s impossible to tell what hand will be a baby’s dominant hand, but Brad and I both think he’s going to be a lefty like Brad.  He definitely seems to do more with his left hand.  He enjoys his toys more and more everyday and its funny to see him interact with them.

He’s also SO much more vocal and has really developed the sounds he can make this past month.  He started out saying oooh sounds, but now makes all kinds of sounds and tries to repeat after me, carefully watching my mouth to see if he can make the same sounds.  When he’s in a really good mood like after a good long nap or a good long nursing that didn’t leave him sleepy, he kicks super fast while making lots of happy baby noises.  I could just eat him up!

Tummy time is still a struggle.  I’ve tried putting a rolled up hand towel under his shoulders, which does help him raise his head.  But give him 30 seconds and he’ll be crying.  He loves to be held and carried around upright on my shoulder and he holds his head up very well, so I’m not worried about whether he’s developing his neck muscles.

Elliott and Grayson

He gets lot of love from everybody, especially my mom who has her hands full trying to spend time with both Elliott and his cousin Grayson as much as possible.  Elliott definitely recognizes her when he sees her.

We’re spending this week with Brad’s family on the coast of NC, which is Elliott’s first time sleeping overnight at someone else’s house.  I’m so glad we get to spend time with Brad’s family since they live so far away and don’t get to see him as often as my family.  He loves playing with his Pops and Granny and is so lucky to have two sets of grandparents that love him so much.

3 month old Elliott

Elliott is such a sweet baby and I love dreaming about the person he will become.

Baby boy, you steal my heart every day and I can’t help but love you to pieces.