Dole Summit, Day 2: Recipe Makeover Tricks

Dole Test Kitchen

After a light breakfast at Dole headquarters (across the street from the hotel) on the second day of the Dole Healthy Living Blogger Summit we met up in the Dole Test kitchen.

The first item on our agenda for the day was Recipe Makeover Tricks.

The chefs and dietitians in the Dole Test Kitchen had taken typically calorie laden food (i.e. yummy) and made them healthier without sacrificing any of the taste and in some cases made them even tastier.

I’ll share all of their tricks at the end of this post and where you can find these recipes.

Light Spinach Artichoke Dip

We were first given two spinach artichoke dips labeled A and B and were told to taste each and guess which was the “healthy” version.

I guessed B because it was less creamy, but actually was more flavorful.  I actually liked it better than A.  And I was correct!

They had swapped in yogurt, cut some of the more caloric ingredients like mayo, but kept some of the more flavorful ingredients, like garlic, which made the flavor of the dip more intense.  It was delicious!

Healthy Turkey and Glaze

We also tried some turkey and a glaze that was similar to what we had eaten at the night before at our Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner.

(No, that’s not vodka in my Dole shot glass — it’s water.  Or, at least that’s what I want you to think.)

Dole Juice

We learned that this particular glaze was made with Dole juices. (Thank you Josie for serving as my juice model :))

Test Kitchen at Dole Summit

As you can see, the whole experience was a very intimate setting involving about 12-15 people gathered around a large square counter.

Recipe Makeovers in the Dole Test Kitchen

This allowed for a lot of chatter and opportunity to get to know the other bloggers and product reps.  It also allowed for a lot of questions.  Even though this whole trip was sponsored by Dole (i.e. they paid my way and for my hotel and all my meals), I was happy to see that my bloggy counterparts didn’t go easy on the Dole folks.  We asked a lot of pointed questions about ingredients and healthiness of the products, myself included.

Natural Source of Vitamin D

I also learned about a product that Dole makes which is a natural source of vitamin D.  It was one of the most interesting things I learned about while I was there.

I’ll share more about this product later.

Heathy Recipe Swaps and Additions

We continued to learn about healthy swaps and additions while sampling healthy banana bread and low-fat pineapple upside down cake.

Here’s what we learned from the session (all tips courtesy of Dole).

Tips to cut back on fat, sugar, and salt:

You often can reduce the amount of fat, sugar, and salt in your recipes, without sacrificing flavor.

  • Fat: For baked goods, use half the butter, shortening or oil and replace the other half with canned pumpkin, unsweetened applesauce, or mashed banana (the brown ones are the best!).
  • Sugar: Reduce the amount of sugar by one-third to one-half, and instead, try adding other spices such as cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg; adding flavorings such as vanilla or almond extract; or substituting 100% fruit juice by using 3⁄4 cup of juice for every cup of white sugar, and decreasing the amount of liquid in the recipe by 3 tablespoons.
  • Salt: Reduce salt by one-half in baked goods that don’t require yeast (foods that require yeast need salt for leavening, so don’t reduce salt in those foods). For most main dishes, salads, soups, and other foods, you can reduce the salt by one-half or eliminate it completely, and make up flavor by adding in more herbs and spices.

Tips to make healthy food swaps:

Healthy food swaps not only reduce the amount of fat, calories, and salt in your recipes, but can also boost the overall nutrition content.

  • Grains: Swap your traditional pasta for whole-wheat pasta; you’ll triple the fiber and reduce the number of calories. Also try swapping your all-purpose flour for whole wheat flour when possible.
  • Dairy: Prepare desserts with fat-free milk instead of whole milk to save 66 calories and almost 8 grams of fat per cup, and try swapping full-fat cheese for its lower-fat counterpart elsewhere for further calorie savings.
  • Meat: When making casseroles, scale back on meat, poultry, or fish, and increase the amount and variety of vegetables you add. There are a number of vegetables with meat-like qualities, like mushrooms and eggplant that make great additions. You’ll save on calories and fat while boosting the vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


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**Dole picked up the tab for my involvement in the Dole Summit and all travel costs.  However, I was not compensated for my time there and am not being compensated for any related posts. All opinions (as always) are my own.**

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  1. I’m ready to go about you?

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  3. Anonymous

    I’m really disappointed that your blog has become all about your sponsors and sponsored trips/product reviews. I miss when it was just about your life, fitness adventures, your pup and healthy living. Now its like every single post is a commercial for another product or brand or restaurant, etc.

    • Hi Anon,
      I’m really sorry you feel this way. I thought out a very detailed response that I think could help a non-blogger (I’m assuming, but maybe you’re actually a blogger) understand the catch 22 we’re all faced with. Unfortunately, when I sat down at my computer to reply, I realized you were most likely using a fake email. I wish you felt more comfortable to tell me this with an identity attached so I could reach out to you and have a dialogue. If you change your mind and want to hear my point of view (without an enormous response in my comments, which I would like to avoid), feel free to email me directly at

  4. Wow, mushroom powder as D-vitamin source. But whats their daily recommended intake if a teaspoon is 150%?

    • Great question! They recommend eating 4 teaspoons a day for most people, which is WAY more than what is recommended in the U.S. Apparently (according to them)recommended Vitamin D requirements are much higher in other countries and they feel that we should be getting more than what the US government tell us we should be getting. They actually have asked me to do a post on this so if I do, I’ll ask them to send me the research before I go around putting this out there. I actually talked to the founder of Skin Authority who is a partner company of Dole and markets this product with a topical Vitamin D cream. I’ve had my levels of Vitamin D test and the doc said they were fine, but she told me to get the exact number to determine if I’m lacking or not. She said some doctors round up. I haven’t done this yet, but I found it really fascinating.

  5. Dave Hardin

    With respect to “Anonymous”, I don’t agree with that comment. Given Kelly’s decision to make the blog and associated opportunities her job, posts of this kind are going to become more necessary especially as she gets more established and becomes more successful, which I think is bound to happen. I enjoy the kind of posts “Anonymous” describes, but expect those will continue and just wish Kelly continued and growing success in all the media she works so well.

  6. Also, when Kelly writes about a restaurant, it is because the blog is about food. They are generally just places we have been, and are not sponsored by anyone. Just trying to build a nice catalog for our friends who visit the great food joints Kelly and I get to enjoy while traveling. This started when friends were coming into town and asking where we like to eat. Turns out we have gotten to eat at a lot of delicious places. 🙂

    Hope everyone finds the restaurant reviews useful. They really are places which are quite delicious. Kelly and I go to plenty of restaurants that do not make her list. Cheers!

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