10 Things

…about my day.

1. I got locked out of the house tonight which has put me way behind on all the work I need to do.

2. Rascal is exhausted from frantically licking the window to the back door, crying, and yelping as I tried to calm him down while the locksmith worked on getting the door opened.

3. The fuse blew in the living room (again!) so I’m intermittently catching up on Desperate Housewives on my laptop and working on my blog post for Creative Loafing tomorrow.

4. It involves Indian food and the crockpot.  What’s not to love?

5. My mom came over for dinner tonight and tasted my Indian food crockpot surprise.  She’s eagerly waiting for the recipe.

6. I signed a contract with Creative Loafing that says I’m not allowed to give my recipes that I develop for the Eat My Charlotte blog to anyone before posting it there.  Obviously, I take that very seriously, when it’s my mom.

7. I somehow managed to roll my finger up in the window today while stopped at a light.  It hurts, but my fingernail has yet to turn black and fall off.  I’ll keep you posted.

8. I ran today. Only about 2-2.5 miles, but hey, it’s something. I also walked with my mom and Rascal.

9. My vegetable to chocolate ratio has been 1:1 today and I call that balance.

10.  If I manage to take my running capris off before going to bed, I’m going to call today a success.  No, a shower is not a part of my formula for success.

Name 1 to 10 random things about your day. Come on, you know you want to share!



10 Responses to 10 Things

  1. Great work on Creative Loafing!!

  2. Awww – Rascal is soo cute all curled up!

  3. Lee

    We have Creative Loafing here too!

    Let’s see – random? Umm, I drove 10 miles to a Whole Foods on my lunch break because I wanted to see how long it would take.

  4. I, along with your mother, eagerly await the Indian crock pot recipe! 🙂

  5. Geneen

    I went to the doctor and found out I was 12 weeks pregnant, not 8. Lol. It’s like randomly losing a month of your life. Will be needing lots of crock pot recipes when baby #4 get’s here (now in August, not September)!

  6. Oh dear it sounds like you’ve had a trying day! Your recipe sounds delicious, I can’t wait for you to post it 🙂

    I think your vegetable to chocolate ratio sounds pretty damn amazing 😉

    I hope you have a less stressful day tomorrow!

  7. Your day sounds well, like one of those days. Bright side – tomorrow is Friday!
    And that picture of Rascal makes me miss my puppies!

    Random thing from today. I was so pumped to have the weight room to myself this am, that I danced around to Rihanna. There are cameras, so I’m sure security was watching.
    Can’t wait for your recipe. Indian is my fav! Have a good night.

  8. Haha #10: I didn’t make it to the gym till 7PM, dinner wasn’t consumed till almost 9PM, and so sleeping in my gym clothes [sans a shower] def happened last night… Oh well 😛

  9. Lauren

    Haha #10 made me laugh. I’m catching up on some of my fav blogs right now and no joke I’m still sitting in my running capris right now trying to motivate myself to take a shower…. we’ll see if I’m successful.

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