Funny and Random Photos from My Phone

The great thing about being able to take photographs with your phone is that…

1) You always have a camera with you to catch life’s funny little moments and

2) You have a way to keep a historical account of your everyday life

Now that I’ve had an iPhone for several years, the photos that I have taken (and Brad has taken) have turned into a way to look back on some pretty cool memories.

No matter where I am, I can usually find a way to entertain myself and a reason to smile by looking at the photos on my phone.

Some are funny and some are just so random.

Wanna see?

Lurring a Squirrel

Brad definitely took this photo.  I don’t remember trying to lure a squirrel with leftovers from my lunch.  I can’t believe the little guy got so close!

Rascal and I

This is how Rascal and I sleep.  But usually, he has his eyes closed.

Pretty ridiculous, right?

Prius on a Hil

Brad and I couldn’t get over the steepness of this hill in San Francisco.  I just knew our rented Prius was going to flip sideways down the hill when we got out.

The photo just doesn’t do the hill justice.  It was so steep that there were stairs on the sidewalk.

Candace and I at Britney Spears Concert

This is how my best friend, Candace, and I preoccupied ourselves waiting for Britney Spears to come out at her concert.

Free Kitty Litter

I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: the fact that someone was giving away free kitty litter at our condo or the fact that they felt the need to explain that they didn’t need because they don’t have a cat.

This isn’t funny or random, but I had to include it.  We went a wedding at this church on a cold day in October.  Absolutely gorgeous! Just what a fall wedding should be!

Sometimes we look over and Rascal is sitting like this on the couch.  I. kid. you. not.

He’s the most ridiculous dog ever.

Baby Toga

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo.

This is me, (I’m guessing) straight from the bath at my grandmother’s house. As you can see, I’ve attempted to style my towel like a toga.

Bride and Groom Initials on Church Door

This is a photo of our church doors, but not on our wedding day.  The day before the wedding, I made the wooden monogram door hangers and snuck over to the church to test them out.

I sent this photo to my mom to get her opinion.

Sushi Face

Brad likes to play with his food.



Brad and I

If I had to guess, I would say this is 2008.  We were at a company sponsored happy hour with Brad’s coworkers in Charlotte.

Brad does the, “Look, I can pull my thumb off” trick all. the. time.

Seriously.  He doesn’t know any other tricks.

Halloween (also 2009?)…from the looks of things, I’m guessing it was about 2 a.m.

My friend Erin and I at Oktoberfest in Charlotte.

Yeah.  It was that kind of day.

Shadows Kissing

The kissing shadows are Brad and I.  We were in the quad at UNC Chapel Hill in October 2009.

Are you into taking photos with your phone?
Instagram has made it even more addictive for me!  

12 Responses to Funny and Random Photos from My Phone

  1. This is a great idea for a post! It’s funny, because not three days ago I actually went through all my phone pictures and deleted, like, 200. Of course, I kept 60 or so with Dakota doing ridiculous things in them like Rascal.

    Congrats on being “traditionally” published in the magazine, again, Kelly. That’s a huge stepping stone.

  2. Brad

    I would like to express rights to any baby toga products hitting the market following this post.

  3. Lee

    Too funny that you are spooning Rascal. Murphy sleeps in our bed with us, but he doesn’t like to be snuggled.

  4. Love these pics, and you were such a cute baby! The last one with the shadows is really cool. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. Instagram is the best! I really love having true photo albums, though. I guess there’s a company online that will take your instragram photos and create a book for you. I’m going to have to do that eventually.

  6. Adorable and funny pics! I have tons of random pics on my phone and should make an iPhone album 😛 I downloaded CamWow and Instagram a while ago but always forget to use them…

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