I’m a Runner – Cherie

Happy Saturday morning! I have an unbelievable amount of things to do today and at the top of my list is a 16 mile run. I also need to clean the house, go grocery shopping, run into work for a few hours, and prep for a bachelorette party that is starting off at my place. Sheesh. I may have taken on a bit too much.

So instead of throwing blogging into the mix, I’m featuring Cherie from Cherie Runs This.  She is another one of my North Carolina homegirls and although we’ve never met, I think we would hit it off.  Anyone who would tell stories about accidental exposures of body parts while running is someone I would definitely hang out with.  Plus, Cherie has an amazing weight loss story.

Check her out, below!


Name: Cherie
Age: 33
Blog: http://www.cherierunsthis.com

1.            How long have you been running?

Less than a year

2.            How did you begin running?

I began with fartleks on the treadmill last year and slowly worked my way up to venturing outside this past spring. At the time that I finally went outdoors to run, I was training to go into the police academy. {Read: running way too much for my personal level at the time, too fast, not listening to my body or taking rests!}

3.            In how many races have you competed?

None yet. 🙁 I had hoped to have done at least a 5K by now, but I suffered a right tibia stress fracture in May. I haven’t been able to run AT ALL yet.

4.            What is your favorite pre-run fuel?

Bananas or oatmeal.

5.            What is your favorite post-run snack or meal?

Hmm…right after I’m done I love a super cold Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Shake. Preferably in chocolate!

6.            What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to
you while running?

My boob coming out of my tank top. It’s hard to strap the girls down sometimes!

7.            Do you like running buddies or do you prefer to run alone?

Alone! I like to listen to my iPod, get in my zone and think/work through the worries of the day–all by my lonesome! It’s my “me time.”

8.            What’s your must-have object on a run?

I have a couple: my iPod, my Mizunos and gum. Oh, and um, a very strong sports bra.


9.            What’s your favorite running outfit?

I love tight black yoga pants. If it’s hot out, yoga capris, also tight and black. I’ll wear one of my zillion yoga tanks to go with them. I like to wear Sweaty Bands in my hair. I always match–always!

10.          Favorite place to run?

I’m not one of those people that call the treadmill a “dreadmill.” I despise that term actually! I love my treadmill most days, but am also very happy outside when it’s cool/crisp weather. I love a trail around the lake (Carrboro, NC) or a circular path around the park (Burlington, NC). I never run in my neighborhood–too many dogs roaming free and I’m not a dog person–and they sense that!

11.          How many times a week do you typically run?

Before I was injured, I ran about 4 times a week.

12.          How has your running or your feelings toward running

changed over the years? Now I love it; then I hated it! I use to say I’d only run if someone were chasing me or I saw either Prince and/or Ben Roethlisberger and needed to catch them. 🙂

13.          What’s your pie-in-the sky running dream?

Right now, it’s simply to finish a 5K. I was doing so well and getting close to that when I was injured. It was amazingly huge for me to be that close to that dream, especially having been a nonrunner for almost 32 years!

14.          What or who inspires you to run?

Any “before” pictures of me do. I lost over 60 pounds in the past year and a half. Keeping the weight off greatly inspires me and it flies off when I run!

15.          How has running changed or contributed to the person you are? 

It made me realize that I’m so much stronger than I thought I was. Me? A runner?! Just to be in this “I’m a Runner” series is amazing to me. It’s changed so many things physically and mentally for me. I much more of a positive person now.

16.          A friend just ran a mile and is inspired to start running
regularly.  What words of wisdom or inspiration do you have for them?

Keep it up. Listen to your body when it talks to you. Don’t be afraid of rest days. Wear the right shoes. Don’t take running for granted and be thankful for the ability to do it. Oh, and wear a good sports bra. 🙂


Cherie, thank you so much for sharing your story with my readers and I today.  I hope your stress fracture heals quickly and you get a 5K under your belt.  It’s amazing to see how you’ve changed your life and your health. What an inspiration!

Check out Cherie’s blog to learn more about her running career and her incredible weight loss story.


Whether you’re a blogger or a reader, been running for years or just started last week, I want to feature you on my I’m a runner series.  If you’re interested in participating, please email me at foodiefresh@gmail.com.