Looking back on the weekend

Today has been one of the busiest days I’ve had in a long time.  I literally stood up and sat down several different times within a few seconds because I had so much to do, I didn’t know where to start.

But I remedied a crazy day with a seven mile run, filled my belly with leftover homemade Thai food, and now all is good with the world.

Let’s think of more leisurely times, like my past weekend. 😉

Shenanigans with some of my favorite people.

Mmmm, beer.


A new breakfast cake recipe that I will post tomorrow.

I bet you can guess the flavor.


10 miles, plus some to grow on.

I got lost.  My brain doesn’t function properly when I run, I swear.

Brunch in Greensboro with a dear friend.

The automatic timer is good for when your waitress’ photography skills aren’t up to snuff.

Cornbread looks fancy when they’re small like lady fingers.

Smoked salmon hash, which I must recreate.  Mine will have more smoked salmon.

Is it next weekend yet?