The tale says it all

Someone was super glad to see me when I got home today from work.

The tale says it all. 😉

There was an abundance of kisses and puppy love.

He’s such a regal gentleman.

We went on a walk where he ignored all the other dogs we passed in the park, as usual.  He would rather spend his time being frisky and looking out for squirrels.

After our walk, I set out on a quick run around Uptown.

This is not my first spring in Charlotte, but this is the first time I’ve noticed that the streets of Uptown are lined with cherry trees.

And my, aren’t they gorgeous right now!

The wind blew little puffs of white and pink fluff through the air.  It was like running through bits of cotton candy.

I completed a 5K, then called Brad as I cooled down on my way back.  I felt pretty weak during my run, like I didn’t have enough fuel in me.  By the time I got back upstairs, I was famished and way too hungry to shower before dinner.

I threw this dinner together in five minutes flat.

One of my favorite combinations: egg + smoked salmon. I whisked an egg in a ramekin and nuked it for 35 seconds, slathered a Laughing Cow on an Ezekiel wrap, then threw the egg on the wrap, with some smoked salmon and a big handful of spinach.

Delicious as always!

I also roasted about half a whole head of broccoli, which went perfectly with Stubb’s barbecue sauce.




I finished up dinner and glanced at the clock.  It was only 7 pm!  I couldn’t believe I had already walked Rascal, exercised, and ate dinner by 7 pm.  Granted, it was a quick workout and a fast and easy dinner, but I thought this was incredible.  After driving over an hour to work and then another back every day for the past year and eight months, this was quite a treat.

So I treated myself even more, with a bath and my book (which I’m now starting to get into :)).

And then I treated myself even more, with two pieces of Trader Joe’s Organic 73% dark chocolate bar and a cup of vanilla sleepy time tea.

Rascal is now snuggled up to me as I work on my Savor NC blog post for this week.  I’m going to call it an early night soon, due to my early imaginary wake up call.