On a hiatus but not from running

So I’m kind of on a hiatus from my typical blogging schedule and intend to only blog interesting happenings this weekend and give myself a break.

I left my DSLR at work and am crossing my fingers no one steals it.  Hopefully my unwashed coffee mug will deter all thieves and snoopers.  I realized this as soon as I got home yesterday, but it took me until just now on Friday afternoon to find the ol’ point and shoot.

I’ve been seriously lazy for the past two days and have “over-fueled” the past two nights.  I decided to get my 16 miler out of the way even though it wasn’t scheduled until next weekend.  You see, I have a flight to San Jose, CA midday on Friday.  Trying to fit a long run in that morning would have been foolish and there’s no way I’m running 16 miles in a completely unfamiliar area time zone.  Jet lag alone is enough to throw me off.

After learning my lesson last week on my 14 miler, I set out for my 16 miler with two new things:

– my new Garmin – check!
– a plan to loop back to the new/old house where my car had extra water and homemade fuel

Guys, I’m seriously having trouble after mile 13.  It’s like I hit a wall there and then I have to run/walk the rest of the run.  I had some serious stomach pain around mile 10 and stopped to walk for maybe five seconds until it passed, thankfully never to come back again.  Stopping to walk for things like this does not bother me.  It does bother me however, when I’m stopping to walk because I feel like my legs cannot go any further.

(I cannot find the source for this…ug.)

At some point I stopped my Garmin at an intersection and didn’t hit the start button again so whether I ran the whole 16 or not is totally a guesstimate.  I’m pretty sure I ran 1 1/2-2 miles, but who can say when you’ve reached the point of delirium.   Eventually I realized my blunder and turned the Garmin back on.  I swung back by the car around mile 12 and made myself eat my fuel and down a bunch of water, which made me feel better, but didn’t do much for my legs.


I’m a little frustrated.  I don’t expect my long runs to be easy by no mean, but I want to get through a run beyond 13 miles and really get through it — NO WALKING!  Is this unrealistic?  The problem is definitely not motivation.


The good news is I still have over three months until my mary, which I think is still plenty of time to keep working on it.  My ultimate goal is just to finish and not worry about time.  For my next mary I’ll try to beat my original time, but first I need a base to figure out what to work towards.  I wish I could show you my time to get some experienced input on estimating my marathon time, but thanks to my forgetfulness I don’t really know what my time was since 1 1/2-2 miles was ran without the Garmin.  I think I’m much slower than the 4:05 estimated by Runner’s World.


…unless I can’t and then I won’t.

Even though we have dinner plans in an hour and a half, I just ate an entire full-size bag of popcorn and my stomach is still growling.  Off to rummage through the fridge.

Happy weekend!