Honeymoon: Florence part I

After being asked about them and dragging my feet for over a month, I’m finally putting up the honeymoon photos.  I’ll be posting about 30 at a time in galleries and eventually I’ll put them all on one page.  Wedding photos will come later since they just became available to us and the task of choosing 350 seems quite daunting right now.

Brad and I left the day after the wedding to fly to Italy for our honeymoon.  There is a direct flight from Charlotte to Rome, and we really lucked out by getting our request granted to get upgraded to first class.  Although we flew into Rome, Brad planned for Rome to be the last part of our trip so we immediately took the train up to Florence, where we would be staying for five days.  These first few photos are of our hotel, Palazzo Niccolini, which was gorgeous.  The hotel had nine rooms and overlooked the Duormo which you can see out our window in the photos. It was definitely the most ornate, most historic, most beautiful hotel in which I have ever stayed.

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