Don’t you just love it when bloggers do confessions?

Here are some of mine.

First confession: I’m the reason why bloggers get free things.  I’m a marketing person’s dream.  I’ll pretty much try anything I see on a blog – anything that a blogger I read raves about, even if I’ve never considered trying it before in my entire life.

BUT, I won’t keep buying it, if I don’t like it too.

After seeing Kath eat sardines a lot, and then seeing her sardine video, I decided to try it for myself.  I used carrots, celery, and yellow bell pepper as my veggie additions.

I used Haddon House smoke sardines.

Second confession: You know how people say they don’t like fish because it smells fishy?  I don’t mind fishy at all.  I like fish because it tastes like fish.

I chopped up the smoked sardines, added the veggies plus one Tbsp. each of dijon mustard and canola oil mayonnaise, plus salt and pepper.

All wrapped up in a homemade whole wheat tortilla with my favorite side salad: mixed greens, cukes, avocado, plus a drizzle of honey and lemon juice.  Amazingly delicious!  I can’t believe I like sardines.  See, I’ll try anything!

Third confession: I may take photos of my food on a pretty placemat, but I’m dining alone tonight.  So I ate my meal like so…

With a beer I found in the fridge leftover from Saturday night while watching the Real Housewives of NJ Reunion.  Those ladies are crazy!

I think people used to watch television as a means of escapism, but now we watch TV so we can feel a little saner and a little more normal.  I know I didn’t chase a woman off a stage today yelling obscenities.  I probably won’t do that tomorrow either.

Fourth confession: I tried banana soft serve once, liked it, and never made it again.  Chocolate banana soft serve remedied that situation.  I put one frozen banana in the Vitamix + one Tbsp. organic cococa powder and a handful of Cinnamon Puffins.  Cinnamon and chocolate are one of those fabulous flavor combinations that I never remember.  But when I do, it’s magical.

9 Responses to Confessions

  1. Fishy stuff does kind of bother me. I watched Kath’s video on the sardines too, but I don’t think I can wrap my head around liking them! They just kind of gross me out! I should be more open to it, I know, but when there are so many more things I like to eat, I feel like I will just stick to what I already find appetizing….lol!

  2. Jess

    hahah i had some frozen dumplings from the korean store and watch RHNJ too! love it! i was so excited, i squealed with delight and scared my cat. can’t wait for next monday!
    that banana/chocolate softserve sounds DELISH!!! i need to do a banana nutella oatmeal and sprinkles some cinnamon. that’d be yummy!

    • foodiefresh

      That does sound yummy! I have two individual size packs of Nutella I snagged from hotels in Italy. Maybe I’ll try that myself. 🙂

  3. Jen

    You are braver than me! I could never ever eat sardines! But I definitely do watch reality TV to feel better about myself 😉

  4. I am a marketers dream too. I love to try new stuff that I see on other blogs but have never heard of before then. I also love the absolute madness on RHNJ. I watched my DVRed episode last night before dinner. Hilarious!

    • foodiefresh

      I think every girl I know watched it last night on DVR. Does anyone watch TV in real time anymore? I don’t even know when the shows I love come on. It’s like Christmas when I open my DVR list.

  5. This post warms my heart!

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