Though shalt not waste

While scouring my fruit bowl the other day for the ripest orange, I came across an avocado that had gone forgotten.  Its ripeness was just right for eating.  I really hate a too-firm avocado.  Their creaminess is the best part.  Wasting food in my house has always been a cardinal sin; wasting an avocado is punishable by death.  I really try to use all the food I eat, even if it means rearranging my menu plans.  So I knew avocado in some form was in my future and the sooner the better.

After picking Brad up at the rental car place after a long work week in Atlanta, we were both starving and I wanted something quick and easy for dinner.  I decided to make a southwestern chicken salad with guacamole of course.

I assembled our salads separately, giving Brad a larger portion than my own.  My salad is the one pictured.  It included:

2 big handfuls of salad greens

3 oz. of chicken sauteed in non-stick spray and heavily seasoned with blackening seasoning

1/3 cup frozen corn (microwaved)

1/3 cup black beans

1/4 English cuke

1/4 of the Guacamole (recipe follows)

Large dollop of TJ’s Fat Free Organic European-style Yogurt

3-4 Tbsp. TJ’s Chipotle Salsa

I like to make guac with red onions, lime juice, jalapeno, and garlic, but often leave out ingredients if I don’t have them on hand.  The real star of the show is the avocado and if you have a nice ripe one, you won’t be disappointed no matter what you omit.

For this recipe I used:

1 medium very ripe avocado

1/4 large red onion chopped

juice of 1/2 lime


I had garlic on hand but completely forgot to add it…nothing a little garlic powder can’t fix.

Side note: I was not a fan of the Chipotle salsa.  In fact, I asked Brad if he planned on eating it because I wanted to throw it away.  I’ve never met a salsa I didn’t like this much; so much that I am willing to break the cardinal sin of wasting food and throw it away.  Eating is supposed to be a good time (that’s what I think anyway), so if I dislike something this much, I don’t want it to ruin my good time. I’m giving him a week to eat it and then it’s going out with the trash.