Fitness During Pregnancy

I was hoping to have a food post to share with you today, but the butternut squash pizza I made last night was only about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Womp, womp. Brad liked it, but I was not impressed. So, it’s back to the drawing board before I share it with anyone.

BUT, today I learned something very interesting at a Google Analytics workshop — how to see what links you guys click on from the homepage. What I learned is that the Fitness tab is what is clicked on most often from the homepage. Very surprising for me!

So, since I haven’t shared anything Fitness related in quite some time, I thought I’d address that today.

First, let me point out that I am no expert or even a novice at what you should be doing while you’re pregnant in the fitness department. This is just a recap of what I’ve been doing thus far.

The year before I got pregnant, I started to have a love/hate relationship with working out.  If I did anything, I ran. But even that didn’t bring me the satisfaction I used to have. Sure, I felt good after I ran, but I didn’t have the drive that I used to have. Something was different…

So when I got pregnant, I decided to cut myself some slack; to stop beating myself up about not wanting to run and really not wanting to work out. I always thought I’d be one of those pregnant women who ran during pregnancy until I physically couldn’t run anymore.  But something came over me once I found out that I was pregnant and for once in my life I’ve been a little more gentle with myself.

So what does that mean in terms of fitness? Since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve had a goal to at least walk for an hour 5-6 times a week.  And I’ve found this goal to be completely doable for myself. I enjoy this time I spend (typically) outside with Rascal and a podcast.  I usually listen to the Pregtastic Podcast so I feel like I’m doing something useful doing this time — learning about babies and pregnancy.

But lately, I’ve been actually wanting to run.  Every once in a while, Rascal and I challenge ourselves to run the length of a few blocks, but how far I can actually run is a mystery since he starts lagging long before I feel the need to slow down.  I’ve started day dreaming about making a goal to train for a half marathon as soon as the doctor gives me the okay after my pregnancy.

5K Race

Oh, races…I kind of miss you.

And then Tanya invited me to run a 5K for her birthday, something she has invited me to do several times, but the stars never aligned and I was always busy or out of town this upcoming weekend. However, this weekend, I’m completely free.

Keep Your Resolution 5K Course Map

So I have signed up for the Keep Your Resolution 5K, which benefits Girls on the Run.  What a great reason to get out there and see if I can run a mile or three! In reality, it might be more of a run/walk, but sometimes the level of fitness your body can hold onto is quite surprising.  I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, I was recently contacted by the folks from The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Race Series to ask if I wanted to participate in their off road race at the White Water Center.

Is it crazy to think I can go from not really running for three months to running (?) two 5Ks in one month?  Um…probably. But if anything, it will be fun to get up at the crack of down on a Saturday morning. Okay, so maybe not.  But I’ll feel great afterwards, especially since Tanya has promised bagels after the race this weekend.

Will run for bagels.

What are you pregnancy fitness expectations? Or what kind of fitness level did you maintain during pregnancy? 

12 Responses to Fitness During Pregnancy

  1. Yay for getting back into running 🙂 It’s funny how much you want something when you can’t have it, right? I am so ready (mentally) to run a marathon right now!

    I find that keeping up with workouts during pregnancy is SO beneficial. It helped me get through 1st trimester nausea, it gets me through the last trimester, and of course it helps during labor and bouncing back postpartum. I’m probably on the more intense side when it comes to fitness and pregnancy – but I have learned to tone it down – and when to say enough is enough (like with running). Ultimately, you have to do what’s best for your baby! Keep up the running/workouts 🙂

    • I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready (mentally or otherwise) for a marathon again. My marathons proved to me that I could do it but showed me that just because I could doesn’t mean I should. I think half marathons are more my speed here on out…well, I hope they become my speed again. 🙂

  2. Lauren E.

    I agree with you completely, Kelly! I ran my first half marathon when I was 8 weeks pregnant….and then (literally) didn’t put my running shoes back on until I was 14 weeks along! I surprised myself by my desire for the break…but, like you, it was nice to “baby” my body for a while. Plus, this Charlotte weather has been quite cold and dreary — the perfect excuse!

    About 4 weeks ago I started walking again, and now I’ve been walk/running daily…and loving it! I’m also looking at a 5k in March. Who knew?!

  3. So excited to “run” with you this weekend. My pregnancy felt exactly the same. Walking with a preggy post was about as much as I could muster for a while and I was actually ok with it. I love how I learned to be gentler to myself through pregnancy. Now after, I love fitness for the time it gives me to myself. I love to set goals (like doing this 5k) but also taking it easier on myself, like deciding a half marathon wasn’t right for me right now and being ok with that decision! See you Saturday!

  4. Jen

    Yay, for getting back into running, Kelly! You’ve been smart to listen to your body, especially during pregnancy.

    Honestly, I bet you’ll surprise yourself at the 5k. It’s amazing how quickly our bodies remember we’re runners. I took 4w completely off at the beginning of pregnancy and 7w off at the end. Of course, my first run back both times was super slow, but they still went much better than expected! Good luck!

    • Thanks Jen! I’ve been surprised in the past too when I’ve taken little breaks, but I haven’t taken this long of a break in almost eight years. Eek. 😉 Hopefully you and my wishful thinking are right!

  5. First, congrats on your pregnancy!
    I am due at the end of May. I have been running throughout but I have to admit that it has a lot to do with wanting to be able to jump back into running post-baby. I have kept it to about 2-3 miles a few times a week, all on a treadmill. I commend you for doing a 5K, hope it goes well for you. 🙂

    • Thanks! I think I’ll just go at my own pace. I admire people who can run on a treadmill because I just mentally cannot. I want to jump back into running after baby too but I know that it’s going to be a lot of work. Hopefully, I’ll treasure that time to myself and really want to work on it. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  6. This totally happened to me when I was pregnant. I slowed way down on the running because my ligaments in my pelvis were moving a lot, which made running super uncomfortable and I started to love walking again. Plus, it was nice to do something a little more relaxing and reflective. Yoga was pretty fun too!

    • I’ve never been a big fan of yoga but a few people have recommended prenatal yoga to me so I think I might go try it. I feel a little guilty because I didn’t “need” to stop running but I just did because I wanted a break from it. But hopefully this break will make me want to do it when I’m fully able to again. 🙂

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