My Pregnancy: 7 Weeks

This is a post I wrote about my pregnancy when I was 7 weeks pregnant before I had announced it here.


7 weeks pregnant

I feel like I’m trapped in the movie Groundhog Day after thinking I was seven weeks pregnant all last week . (Melodramatic much?)

This week some of my pregnancy symptoms have eased off a bit. I haven’t had morning sickness for the past two days , so maybe it’s a sign that the worst is over (knock on wood)? I don’t want to give the impression that my morning sickness has been bad at all.  It’s really been a cake walk compared to most girls I know who have morning sickness.  Don’t hate me if you puked your guts up for the whole first trimester.  I’m sure karma is going to give me cankles.

I’ve found that if I really want to do something later at night, I can make it through it.  I am determined not to become a homebody who never does anything during my pregnancy. I stayed out until 10 pm last Monday night to watch snark on on the Bachelor with a group of ladies who make that show at least 987 times better.

I went to a potluck last night and stayed out until the wee hours of 10:45 pm. Go me.

However, my sleeping patterns are just strange some nights. On Tuesday night I went to sleep at 10:00 pm, woke up at 1:30 am and never. went. back. to. sleep. I then proceeded to work 12 hours that day, followed by 12 hours of sleeping the following night. Twice now, I’ve gone to bed at 8:00 pm, woken up at 1:30 am, and then haven’t gone back to bed until 4:30 am. I’m all over the map.

We’ve let a few more friends in on the secret this week.  Some of you are flinching that I’m telling friends this early, but it’s not like I’ve announced it on Facebook. I’m bursting at the seams to tell everyone I see (even strangers) so I’m letting myself ease into it based on what I’m feeling at the moment. It just feels right.

Another symptom that (I hope) is on the way out, is my aversion to vegetables.  I’ve mainly been getting my greens by putting a big handful of spinach in a smoothie most mornings.  But last night I was able to eat some spinach salad so (knock on wood) vegetables are becoming palatable again.

So far, week seven and week six are a toss up between severity of symptoms.  I would rather have a little bit of nausea one day over an entire day of feeling like the walking dead because I only slept three and a half hours the night before. But I’m still counting my blessings that my symptoms are, in reality, very easy compared to some other nightmares I’ve heard about.

Also, for the first time this week, I feel bloated and I feel thicker around my middle. I feel like there’s a bit of a bulge in my stomach that usually isn’t there (hello, uterus). I guess I’m about to start entering the stage of pregnancy where you just look/feel fat, but no one can tell you’re pregnant.

And that’s perfectly okay with me.  I’ll take the good with the bad as long as it means I get a healthy baby at the end.