Mystery squash

Hola! Long time no see, right?

Rather than bore you with a long explanation why I’ve not been blogging for the past week, let’s completely avoid the subject and we’ll talk about dinner instead.

Okay? Great!

I bought this tomato soup red squash at Whole Paycheck while I was in Raleigh last weekend.  I thought that I took a photo of the sign explaining the name of this squash but my phone ate it. #fail

Can anyone identify the mystery squash?

I decided to use it in dinner last night and thought the easiest way to sample this new squash was to roast it. Roasting vegetables is my #1 favorite way to eat almost any vegetable.  So simple. So easy. So delicious.

While I cooked, Rascal and I watched a documentary about dogs.  The documentary discussed how intelligent dogs are how they share a special bond with humans that no other animals have. It was actually really interesting and confirmed what I’ve known all along.  Rascal is very smart.

After watching the documentary he said he wants to be a dog geneticist so he can further prove how smart his species is.

Dinner was simple — roasted mystery squash, kale chips, and grilled free range organic chicken breast in Brad’s special mustard sauce.

We have no recipe for the sauce because he makes it to taste.

The ingredients are:
– apple cider vinegar
– prepared yellow mustard
– balsamic vinegar
– honey
– brown sugar
– onion powder
– garlic powder
– salt
– white pepper
– cayenne pepper

It’s absolutely delicious, but I have no idea how much of this stuff we use to make it so tasty.

The squash was yummy too, but not quite as good as my favorite squash, which is acorn squash.  However, this squash had a thinner skin and cut much more easily than an acorn squash.

Dinner was eaten in a hurry because I bought Brad and I had tickets to see Ira Glass in the This American Life On the Road Tour.  Brad and I are both huge This American Life fan on NPR and Ira was really funny, smart, and  overall extremely entertaining.  I had a great time but was so tired by the end, I wanted nothing more than to be in bed in my comfy pajamas.

A simple dinner and a great show — the perfect end to a lovely weekend.