Kitchen update: we have cabinets!

It’s been quite a while since I gave an update on the status of the kitchen in the new/old house.  But now that we have cabinets and paint on the walls, I’m excited to share. 🙂

We’ve come so far over the past year.

I am in love with my cabinets.  Er, I mean our cabinets?

I guess I have to share them with Brad, right?

In reality, he would love for them to be only mine.  He can’t find anything in our kitchen anyway.  Being the sole owner of these cabinets would mean that I would be in charge of finding things at his request from the kitchen.

Won’t it be nice when all this construction clutter is gone?

I completely forgot to get a closeup of the granite, but I’ll definitely remember that for next time when I photograph our beautiful new tile, which is going in very very soon. So excited!