Sugar detox day 6

We stayed out way too late at the White Water Center last night hanging out with friends, which is why this post never was written last night.

Now let’s get to it, Sugar Detox Day 6.  Did anyone notice that I skipped Day 3? Looks like I’m going to have to go back and re-title my posts.

Breakfast –

Big bowl of plain Greek yogurt, puffed kamut, blueberries (1st fruit) and almond butter, plus coffee with milk

I’m sure it has become pretty obvious to you by now, that I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast every single morning. Eating smoothies has been difficult without my protein powder, so I need to find a way to remedy that if I want to continue on my lower sugar quest.

Snack #1 –

1/2 cup of pistachios

My stomach started growling at 9:30 am so I was happy to have this little snack handy.

Lunch –

Couscous mixed with pesto, rainbow chard “wraps” and tomato

Inside my chard wraps were TJ’s savory pre-baked tofu, garlic hummus, and pecorino cheese

I felt like I cheated a bit with the tofu.  One of the ingredients was unsweetened apple juice (for the marinade).  However, this was the umpteenth ingredient so it couldn’t have had more than a minuscule amount – just felt the need to address it.

I finished all but the last three bites of my last wrap, so I let Rascal enjoy this little bit of “human food”.

At least he knows what he likes.

Snack #2 –

Wasa crackers, cottage cheese, and blackberries (2nd fruit)

After my snack, I headed over to the White Water Center to meet up with friends and Brad joined us directly from his drive from Atlanta.  We drank beers and I grazed on some nachos that never got photographed.

I never had a real dinner and even though we came in much too late for a work night, I figured that I should put something on my stomach to compete with the beer.

Mini Dinner –

A piece of Ezekiel toast, Laughing Cow wedge, smoked salmon, and an egg white puff

Happy Friday! We made it through the week! 🙂