Lace is in


One look into my closet and chest of drawers and it becomes apparent: I have an affinity for lace.

I love lace tops, lace dresses, lace skirts.  If it has lace on it, I probably like it. Probably.

We went out to a fun dinner with friends on Saturday night and I chose a lace top to be my central piece on which I would build my outfit.

I chose other neutral colors to blend with the light peachy hue of the top.  Nothing really matched but they still all “went together”.

I put a light gray camisole under the top, which brought the top together with the matte silk zippered skirt.  Combined with my favorite pair of neutral heels and my patent leather neutral belt, my outfit came together.

Apparently, lace is in this season, but it’s been hanging out in my wardrobe for several years.  That either makes me a- ahead of the times, b- old fashioned, c- true to my own style.

I think I’ll pick C. 🙂

Have you embraced lace this season?  Are there any fabrics to which you gravitate?