Dinner sans recipes

I’ve been so very busy working on posts for opportunities outside of my own blog.  There haven’t been enough meals in the day to share my eats with you.

So although I can’t share the details of our dinner with you, because I’m saving it for my SavorNC post this week, I can share with you what a lovely dining experience I shared with Brad this evening.

Can you guess the main component of my secret sauce?

The only thing from this meal I can share with you is my super tasty honey mustard dipping sauce for my kale chips.

Vegan Honey Mustard (serves 2 or 1 saucy lady)

2 Tbsp. mustard
1 tsp. raw honey
1 tsp. light coconut milk

Mix ingredients together and try to keep your fingers out of it so you’ll have enough for dinner. 😉

It never hurts to have a handsome dinner companion to ensure maximum meal enjoyment.

Yes, I did just run four miles and no, I didn’t shower before dinner.  A full belly trumps personal hygiene in my house.

After dinner, Brad lounged on the couch, while I got busy in the kitchen.

It has to be said – isn’t Rascal the most adorable dog?

Busy, busy…

And the finished product…

Check back on Wednesday and I’ll link to the recipes.  Clearly, they have a common theme. 😉

Hope you had a lovely night and a delicious dinner to match!