Liquid carrot cake

I had a smoothie for lunch today. 

I often find that smoothies are great meals when you have to eat in a jiffy. 

Why the rush?

I was interviewed on the 7 Day Challenge show today.  The first time I was interviewed was back in December, where I discussed holiday food.  This time, Bobby (the show’s host) asked me all about what it was like to train and run a marathon.  I didn’t ask when the show would air, but I’ll be sure to find out and post it here when it does. 

When the interview was all over,  I whopped together this…


Using these ingredients:

You could also add spinach, to make this a green monster.  But, I wanted to enjoy the pretty orange color of the carrots. It’s an orange monster!

My smoothie was delicious, but not extremely sweet.  You could always add a bit of the sugary substance of your choice if you want a sweeter smoothie. 

I also grabbed a handful of grapes and rushed out the door to make it back to work on time.

Brad and I are heading out to Bald Head Island for a wedding weekend.  Our good friends Jason and Jackie are getting married on Sunday afternoon, but there’s also festivities on Saturday night.  I can’t wait to visit one of the few places in N.C. that I’ve never visited.

Plus weddings call for pretty dresses…