Lisa Frank and newer vices

Today was like the first day of school.

I bought a new lunchbox this weekend at Marshall’s and new lunchboxes definitely remind me of the first day of school.


All I needed was a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.

My new lunchbox holds way more stuff, which is great because I like to have half our supply of plastic ware on me at all times.

Today’s lunch was a whole wheat bagel thin with 1/2 can of tuna and a wedge of Swiss Laughing Cow with a side salad and a naval orange.  My salad had spinach, carrots, orange bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, celery, and roasted red pepper hummus in lieu of salad dressing.

As much as I tout the  benefits of eating whole foods over processed foods, I really just love Laughing Cow cheese.  It’s one of my vices.  I know it’s a “diet food” and I typically try to stay away for those, but I truly eat it only because I really like it.  It’s like a condiment for me.  I use it when I want something a little cheesy, but a little more subtle.

The ingredient list isn’t all that scary (light cheddar, cheddar, Swiss, and semisoft cheeses, whey, cream, sodium phosphate, sodium citrate, and salt), but maybe I’m justifying it because I really like the way it tastes on a sandwich.

Sodium phosphate and sodium citrate are definitely additives that I could probably live without.  I just don’t want to right now.


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What are some of your processed food vices?  Did you insist on Lisa Frank school supplies for the first day of school?  Did anyone else hoard Lisa Frank stickers for a special occasion? I did, but I’m not sure what special occasion calls for pink spotted leopard kittens and kissing dolphins.  There is probably a drawer full of them somewhere in my parents’ house…you know…for safe keeping. 😉