I totally remember now why I don’t usually buy cereal to keep around the house.

1. It all too often becomes an evening snack x 3.

2. It does not keep me full when I eat it for breakfast.

This morning I was running a little behind, as usual, so I grabbed some cinnamon puffins.  You think I would be sick of these after I O.D.’ed on them last night.  You would be wrong.

I threw in some homemade granola, half a banana, a few raspberries, and some skim milk and called it breakfast.

I think I crave cold stuff (like cereal) when I workout in the morning and don’t hydrate well.  I need to remember to drink water during and after exercise to make sure I get all of my 60 oz.  A smoothie with protein powder would have probably been a better option for lasting power.

Speaking of exercise, I had grand plans to do Level 1 of 30 Day Shred this morning.  It turns out that when my computer won’t come on (due to a battery cord malfunction) it also will not spit out the DVD in its CD drive.  I could have done half of another DVD, but decided to do my workout free style this morning.

Here’s what I did in about 30 minutes:

Circuit 1:
Static lunge with bicep curl x 15 on each leg (8 lbs.)
Deadlift with upright row x 20 (8 lbs.)
Pushups x 20 I do as many as I can (7-10) man-style, then the rest are lady-style
Circuit 2:
Squat with front raise x 20 (3 lbs.)
Balance squats x 20 on each leg
Sumo squat with lateral raise x 20 (3 lbs.)
Circuit 3:
Chair dips x 20
x 20 (5 lbs.)
Shoulder press x 20 (5 lbs.) I stand when i do this
Repeat each circuit 2X before moving onto the next

Stomach Circuit:
Side plank held 45 seconds on each side
50 bicycles
30 crunches
30 scissors
30 crunches
20 reverse crunches

Did I mention that I think I broke our Bowflex weights when I tried to go up to 10 lbs.?  Hopefully Brad can fix that.  Sorry, hun.