Double trouble

I’ve been a lazy blogger.  But it’s only because I’ve been so not lazy in other areas of my life.  Case in point: 7.23 miles in dark last night and a Yoforia reward.

Let me make it up to you with some double peanut butter oats.  So why the double?

Have you tried this stuff?  It’s so interesting.  Peanut flour is chock full of protein, but more importantly, it has endless peanutty possibilities.

Double  Peanutty Oats

1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 sliced banana
2 Tbsp. peanut flour
dash of salt

1 Tbsp. crunch organic PB
1 Tbsp. organic strawberry jam

The peanut flour added a little extra peanutty omph.  It was delightful.

After breakfast I was off to work, but took a break at 10 to do what I’ve been putting off for over a month.  I went to the DMV to get a new license for my new name and soon-to-be new address.  This solidified the fact that I am no longer Kelly P.  although Brad still insists on calling me that periodically.  I’m not Kelly D., but legally I’m Kelly M. P. D.  because I just couldn’t bare to part ways with any of my names.

Fast forward to lunch.

A random squashy assortment: leftover roasted spaghetti squash with pesto (!)…does anyone love pesto more than me?…roasted acorn squash (with skins), seeded soda bread (I can’t believe I’m still eating this stuff) with Earth Balance, and two delicious plums.

I thought purple plums were my favorite, but these yellow ones (on the inside) were so good, I may have changed my plum preference.

Currently, I’m being super lazy and watching Glee, but I will post a super yummy soup recipe in the morning.  Pinky promise.  If I don’t, call the police.