Life is a bowl of cherries

Not always, but it can be.

My lunch was, plus…

An Ezekiel wrap with laughing cow, romaine, and smoked salmon.  It was delish.  I don’t think I could ever get tired of smoked salmon.

Siamese Conjoined twins.

Breaking for a snack: what’s left of my Greek yogurt + frozen mango that had thawed + sliced almonds and coconut, which you can only see if you look really closely.

Work work work.  Drive drive drive.  I arrived home a little after 6 pm and had this…

X 2!  My food did not hold me over today and I am still hungry.  I might have to go snack some more before I can muster up the energy for No More Trouble Zones.

Currently watching The Hills, DVR’d from the night before.  I’m not sure why I still watch this now that LC has been gone for two seasons.  It’s a compulsion and one that is surely rotting my brain.