Early to bed

This might be my new favorite salad.

I’m going to call it a Green Caprese Salad because it has everything for a Caprese salad + greens.  After having a smaller version on Tuesday, I had to have another one last night.  Ever sense I came back from Italy, I’m craving basil and lots of it.  As God as my witness, pesto will be made….and soon…and I will eat it on everything possible.

But let’s rewind.  After I got off work yesterday, I picked up Brad and we went over to our new house to ask the current resident if we could take some photos.  We haven’t gone to closing yet, so we’re kind of at his mercy until that is taken care of (probably near the end of September).  He was very nice and told us we could take photos today, so we’ll be heading back over there after work.

We also met our super nice neighbors and got to go inside their beautiful house.  Our neighborhood is protected by a historic association, so they gave us a lot of advice about renovating and the regulations on additions.  They also had a super cute dog that I think Rascal started to warm up to towards the time we left.

Rascal is super snobby with new dogs, if I haven’t mentioned that before.  He doesn’t like the other dog to be the aggressor. He wants to be the one to approach the other dog, but then usually acts completely disinterested.  If he spends enough time with another dog, he eventually warms up to them and they become best pals.  Hopefully Bear will be a good companion for him.

We also made another friend while walking through the neighborhood  park.  Another neighbor’s dog wanted to meet Rascal and we ended up exchanging phone numbers and getting a future dinner invitation.  Our neighborhood is sooo friendly!

Oddly, right after our trip to our new house, I got very very tired and kind of achy and just an overall weird feeling.  I think jet lag is still affecting me.  Italy is six hours ahead of us so my body thinks it’s much later than it really is .

I may or may not have had a beer with my delicious salad I mentioned above.  Probably not the best idea when you’re tired, but Brad had one so I had beer-envy.  I laid on the couch for a bit then decided to call it a night at 8:45 pm.

I slept great until 5:30 am and got up to start my day with this bowl of deliciousness.

My yogurt bowl contained:

2/3 cup 2% Green Yogurt

1/2 sliced banana

3 sliced strawberries

some homemade granola

a small handful of Kashi’s Heart to Heart cereal

TJ’s organic crunchy PB

So pretty!  And so delicious too!  This totally hit the spot.  Of course there was coffee…there is always coffee.

Brad mentioned yesterday that our coffee seems weaker than usual.  I think the strong Italian coffee and occasional espresso has changed us to dark coffee drinkers, when typically we get a mild or medium blend.

It’s funny how two weeks in a foreign country can change little things about you.  For example, I’m starting a letter to petition the government for mandated siestas from 1-4 pm. Those Italians (and Spaniards!) are on to something.

Have a lovely day!